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Has come with transfer to the grandson - have not accepted!

the grandson in an educational colony, in last my visitation have not accepted transfer as it have placed in an insulator. Unless can apply such measures to minors? Why have forbidden transfer?

Svetlana Petrovna.

For infringement of the established order of serving of punishment to minors denounced following disciplinary measures can be applied:

the penalty to 200 roubles;
deprivation for one month of the right of viewing of films;
a settlement in a disciplinary insulator for the term up to seven days with a conclusion to study.

sent in an insulator long appointments, telephone conversations, acquisition of products, parcels, transfers, board games and smoking are forbidden.


Unless the judge has the right to quote letters aloud?

Has learnt that the victim is going to declare the petition for announcement of my personal letters to it. I and in thoughts do not suppose such in a hall where there will be relatives. A leah can announce the judge letters without my consent?


It is forbidden to disclose in open judicial session materials of correspondence, cable, post and other messages of persons without their consent (ch. 4 items 241 UPK the Russian Federation).

At announcement of personal correspondence the consent as sender, and its addressee is required.

However your disagreement is not an obstacle for document research. In this case materials are disclosed and investigated in the closed judicial session about what the court takes out definition.

At such session there can be only persons between whom correspondence, and also the witnesses interrogated concerning the document was conducted.


As today punish for prostitution?

Before prostitutes sent for 101 - j kilometre . And now them put or not?

Bogdan Tihonovich.

the Operating criminal legislation does not provide responsibility for prostitution. Responsibility for employment is provided by it only in the administrative legislation - article 6. 11 KoAP of the Russian Federation punish the given actions by the penalty from 1500 to 2000 roubles.

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