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Stavropol was bewitched by Peruvians

On Friday at an input in Central Department Store again exotic music has begun to sound. About o`clock in the afternoon the Latin American musicians have quickly unloaded from GAZELLES tools, powerful columns and microphones, have removed from themselves multi-coloured poncho (was hot) and have started to sing.

It is similar to a fairy tale! I was not in Peru, but now as though I see a sacred valley inkov, blue inflows of Amazon and quiet lake Titikaku with fishing boats from a reed, - one of spectators, builder Vladimir Makarov admitted to the correspondent.

- I have heard this melody for Lenin`s area and run here, - student Alina Volkova has told. - For the first time I have visited at their concert four years ago and have been literally amazed by beauty of songs.

First the small handful of spectators (casual passers-by) has very quickly turned to a dense ring. Public listened, considered freakish musical instruments and simultaneously bought up a beads from wild rice, a bauble and talismans (some are made of them by shamans!) From far Peru.

stavropoltsam the collective is known for Much under the name Laramarka (this name of the American Indian girl).

- a year the ensemble is called on - to another - Inka Punished - the translator Anna has told to us, - it means the Indian from a city Punished . This ancient city only has been found out recently by archeologists directly near Lima - capital Peru. Excavation is now conducted, and there scientists expect to find legendary gold inkov.

In group three Peruvians: brothers of Moralesy, Johnny and Edgar, and Ever Uarkjja. And here guitarist Sergey Evdokimov - from Peter. Children in Spanish and on the Peruvian adverb kechoa sing. Words sound softly and remind diminutively - caressing Russian. All songs - about love, native places, heroes of ancient legends.

Musicians have already travelled forty countries, but necessarily every summer spend at the Black Sea coast of caucasus. And then, calling in on the way to various cities, come back to St.-Petersburg which for many became the second native land.

- we have a song sun Gate - actors have told, - to play it we try as seldom as possible. The matter is that at its first sounds very strong wind starts to rise. And if in the sky at this time will be though one small cloudlet, the rain will necessarily go. In Stavropol we will sing this song only on Sunday - before departure.

Have sung, and our prolonged summer has ended - the rain has gone and has become cold.



Latin Americans on drevneindejskih tools Play. It is a wooden flute with a fragment of a bone of the llama - kena (used a bone of the person earlier), samponija - reed mnogostvolnaja a flute, bombo - the drum fitted by a skin of the llama, charango - small ten-string gitarka, made of a battleship armour, toe - a pipe in growth of the person, chakcha - a rattle from special nutlets, jubja - the mask of the Indian reproducing noise of falls.