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For that to wait from an appeal to the Stavropol boys?

in Stavropol Territory at full speed there is an autumn appeal. One of these days medical board will pass two ten future kremlevtsev - that is those who will minister in Presidential to a regiment. And in 20 - h numbers the first sendings of recruits will begin. The most part - in overland and internal troops. In this appeal the edge will put in army more than 2800 persons. And they become the last who will fill up well-disposed ranks of soldiers - dvuhgodichnikov . In a spring appeal of recruits zabrejut already on one and a half year.

the present appeal has one more feature. If earlier in Stavropol was three military registration and enlistment offices since this autumn them have united. Functions remained former with a military registration and enlistment office, only here the chief one - colonel Sergey Gajdukov - yes departments are not scattered on areas, and collected under one roof.

2 - j the department which is engaged just in an appeal, is in former October RVK (street Dzerzhinsky, 161, phone 35 - 29 - 97). In the same place has lodged also city military - the medical commission. To recruits irrespective of, they live in what disctrict of the city, it is necessary to go there.

In October experts financially - economic branch and social security work.

In former Industrial RVK (streets Telmana, 234/ 1, phone 24 - 14 - 05) wait only wishing to minister under the contract, and in former Lenin (Lermontov`s street, 187, 23 - 47 - 96) have got over branches: 3 - e (the account of reserve officers), 4 - e (the account of soldiers, sergeants and ensigns of a stock) and 1 - e (mobilisation). In the same place there is a management reception gorvoenkomata.