Rus News Journal

About jumps

For many inhabitants of Nalchik of races - business new, novel. Here correspondents also have decided to take an interest, what impression has developed about this show at the first spectators and fans of a new hippodrome.


Abdul, the pensioner:

- Weather magnificent, is a lot of visitors, a horse beautiful! Cмотришь - the soul rejoices.


Mirza, the bank employee:

- Judging by quantity vip - visitors, jumps reflected the scale. Unfortunately, I did not manage to find a suitable place that it is good to see competitions - it was necessary to occupy it in advance.


Lydia, the student:

- I, of course, understand details a little, but to come and look at jumps wanted for a long time. Simply bewitching show - the horsemen rushing across the field on hot racers. Poetry!


Michael, the military man:

- I almost the professional as regards horses, has come to estimate - say that level of races already the international. Well, horses, indeed, quite good.


Nadja, the most young spectator:

- I thought that me will take for a drive on a horse, and them even almost do not show. The father speaks, they in a stable have hidden - were tired, it is visible to run.


Vadim, the student:

- it is very interesting To me, who will win today the car in a lottery. Perhaps it will be I?


Islam, the businessman:

- you look, here all breathes passion. It is very pleasant that the best horses skip today at us.


And about a tote which while in Nalchik there is no

Garik, the schoolboy:

- And what such a tote?


Simeon, the military man:

- And it is good that is not present. My money will be more whole. This passion is harmful to my purse - I should test fate, and it the traitress Е


Isoice, the homemaker:

- Me all the same, a leah is a tote. And the husband cannot calm down, already at all asked, where it is possible to put money.


Isa, the militiaman:

- And so it is interesting to look. I all the same would not began to do the rate. Easy money easily also will leave.


Mohammed, the visitor from KCHR:

- Is not present, the tote is necessary. Same a pleasure part - to tickle to itself nerves not only a show, but also monetary games.


Alexander, the businessman:

- I when have learnt that rates will not accept, wanted to hand over the ticket. Now I go, I suggest people to put without a tote, among themselves. While nobody has agreed - can, think, what I the swindler?


Asya, the doctor:

- Passion when oversteps the limits, becomes dangerous. And jumps, including, can force out the person from a hippodrome with one fig sheet.