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Nikolay NASIBOV:
it is necessary to Sit not as vipy, and as people!

at opening of horse competitions the Cup of Elbrus in Nalchik Nikolay Nasibov became one of the persons most interesting and claimed by the press. The grandson of the legendary trainer and greatest of jockeys of the XX-th century of Nikolay (Nasiba) Nasibova, it is the author of idea of reconstruction of the Nalchiksky hippodrome and the organizer of races the Cup of Elbrus . Therefore, without having had time to ask all interesting questions on official a press - conferences, journalists have decided to continue dialogue with mister Nasibovym already after it. In what have succeeded. Conversation has proceeded in small, but a smart office where Nikolay with pleasure has answered all questions, having in passing treated with a cup of tea with a cigarette and having fascinated the press manners of the true aristocrat.

- Nikolay when put forces and means in the hippodrome project, you were not afraid, what at public of interest to jumps will not be?

- Is not present, certainly! I will not be mistaken, if I will tell that jumps is the most fascinating show and all over the world one of favourite entertainments. And, of course, this competition, test of a horse for playfulness and endurance. The most progressive as regards races the country - Japan. Modern ippodromnaja the industry keeps on three foundations - a hippodrome, the jockey and a horse. By the way, the well-known races the Formula - 1 are created just like races.

- And what distinguishes today`s jumps?

- It is assured that today`s jumps surpass everything in level that when - or were in Russia. Our action passes at the international level. The best jockeys of Russia are invited. From - for borders demands from interested persons too arrived to prove to be, but we have eliminated them - they have not approached by our criteria. We had very rigid selection. Today horses of thoroughbred English breed take part in jumps. During time a casting Horses to me called, asked: Why you do not write down our racers? even threatened. I responded: I Write down everything, but the best will act only . Still we very much hurried with hippodrome reconstruction to be in time in time. You know, how at us from time immemorial in Russia - all in an emergency mode, all is possible to readiness last night. Would give to us on reconstruction not forty five days, and sixty, we completed all the same remained work last night.

- And as you estimate the a child ?

- Objectively today the Nalchiksky hippodrome - the best in Russia. Yes Moscow will not take offence, but years five as it is time to a capital hippodrome on reconstruction. On a broader scale, the project was created spontaneously enough - thanks president KBR that has decided to be got involved in this adventure. I think, as I have not brought it. As to an exclusive I can tell that the stable constructed in the form of a horseshoe, has no analogues in the world. And for a design of a racetrack we took most cream at those who is a good judge of it, - at Japanese. The racing track on the Nalchiksky hippodrome is made on Japanese technology: from below 30 sm of a drainage layer - large rubble, then go small rubble, then the sandy elimination mixed with loam. All these layers very densely ukatyvajutsja, are rammed. Last, top, a layer - 10 sm of washed sand. Such covering simultaneously both high-speed, and safety for horses. It is the first racing track in Russia, corresponding to the international standards.

We aspire to creation further the Russian race society and under this aegis we think to unite some hippodromes of Russia that in the country there was a whole network of totes. We plan to include hippodromes of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov and Pyatigorsk in this network. By preliminary and most modest calculations, the turn of the Russian gambling market makes about 25 billion dollars a year. - four years ippodromnaja the industry can receive for three an order 30 - 40 percent from this sum.

- We hear often negative statements concerning active development of a gaming. And you do not think, as jumps can call similar reaction?

- it is unconditional, the concept of a network of totes concerns a gaming, but only indirect because the received money goes on development of hippodromes, horse-breeding centres and on formation of prize funds. The solid prize fund is capable to involve private or state konevladeltsev in a hippodrome, and consequently, not only to jumps, but also to actions for genofund improvement.

- Who you on a nationality, if not a secret? Nasibov is not the Tatar surname?

- My well-known grandfather was the homeless child. In children`s home it was named by Nasib Nasibovich Nasibov. In transfer with Azerbaijan nasib - means happy it turns out, my grandfather was three times happy. However, later it has changed the name and became Nikolay. As to a nationality should tell that my case to understand very difficultly - many blood are added. When for the first time me have asked about my nationality, I have reflected and have responded: I a mongrel!



Legendary jockey Nikolay Nasibov - unique who managed to win the Prize of Europe three times and to become the winner of the most important classical races of the world. For the career he has earned for the Soviet state of prizes on one million roubles gold. In honour of memory of the father his son Michael has created at first fund, and then and annual smooth jumps of thoroughbred riding breeds on Kubok Nasibova. Now grandson Nikolay Nasibov is engaged in the organisation of these races. The cup of Nasibova is Russian analogue of world famous races on the Prize of king George IV and queens Elizabeth II in England, the championship Stejks in Ireland, the Prize of the Triumphal arch in France.


And STILL there was a CASE

- the Ridiculous question: you like to look jumps?

- As - that we with friends, is enough men of means, went on jumps to Turkey. They have asked me, a leah we will sit on vip - places. And I have responded them: Want to sit on a millennium - a terrace on the eighth floor and to drink, - please then what for on a broader scale was to go on jumps? Cognac and vodka could be drunk, and without leaving Moscow. And I want to be near a racetrack . They took tickets together with me on usual places and have received so much pleasure from races that then long spoke to me: As it is good that you have persuaded us to sit not as vipy, and as people!