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The mayor types volunteers

Here the third year labour groups enjoy wide popularity of youth of Krasnoyarsk. Last year thousand schoolboys worked for the city blessing. Students - foremen supervised over children. This year them have started to type in advance - the big competition is expected.

- from April, 1 till April, 24th full age young men can already register in a post of the foreman, - has explained the chief specialist on employment of municipal authority of the city centre of tourism and assistance of employment of youth of the centre of travel Zhuravlyov`s Anna. - for this purpose already now it is possible to come and fill the questionnaire in any regional youth centre. After you will call on interview. And if will pass selection already in the beginning of May you will invite to training. The salary of the foreman about 5000 roubles.

schoolboys (with 14 till 18 years) to select for summer work will begin a bit later - in May. Here competition on places will not be, takes the first had time to register. It is possible to be converted to the same addresses, as the future foremen. to apricot vests (last year they were yellow) this year promise the salary about 1 600 roubles that more than in the past, on 200 roubles.

besides students during summer vacations can seriously earn in student`s groups. It is possible to register here already now. To earn for a summer here it is possible quite decent sum which size will depend on in what group the volunteer will stick. On the railway students will receive for a month from 7 to 12 thousand roubles. The volunteers participating in agricultural census will earn about 5 thousand a month.

- unique complexity for hit in these groups - the big competition, - has told the expert of agency in realisation of programs of social development and youth projects Olga Papenkina. - Especially it is a lot of interested persons to get to railway group, therefore selection there especially rigid - on all parametres and the state of health is considered even. Record goes in staffs of student`s groups which are in each high school of a city.

on a note

Where to register in groups Pimashkova?

the Youth centre of the Central area the Mirror Charles Marx`s street, 47, ph. 27 - 73 - 79, 27 - 74 - 08

the Youth centre of the Soviet area, Bykovsky`s street, 11, ph. 24 - 07 - 68

the Youth centre of October area, the prospectus Free, 48, ph. 90 - 16 - 03

the Youth centre of Railway area, street Robespera, 34, ph. 68 - 01 - 76

the Youth centre of Sverdlovsk area the Zebra street Timoshenkova, 87, ph. 34 - 29 - 51

the Youth centre of the Kirov area, Vavilov`s street, 25, ph. 34 - 26 - 15

the Youth centre of Lenin area, Glinka`s street, 23, bodies. 649939

Municipal authority of the city centre of tourism and assistance of employment of youth the centre of travel: Vavilov`s street, 53, ph. 34 - 86 - 31