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On caucasus again a fashion on racers

on October, 7th tribunes of the Nalchiksky hippodrome have been filled not that that under an outset, and too much - which - who even has managed to climb on a roof. It and it is no wonder, after all the entrance ticket cost only 100 roubles. All nearby streets have hammered cars, judging by numbers, from all Southern federal district, and people in streets heatedly learnt each other as it is possible to filter on a hippodrome without the ticket to admire the International smooth jumps the Cup of Elbrus - 2006 for horses of English thoroughbred breed. The agiotage round this not ordinary action has arisen still one month ago when townsmen with amazement have started to observe rough reconstruction of a hippodrome which literally in the face of changed the kind. Have started talking that here there will pass jumps very much high level with a mad prize fund. It has been declared that a prize fund the Cup of Elbrus In $600 000 - the largest prize in Russia since pre-revolutionary times.

Jumps all over the world directly are connected with sports and tourism development. For this reason Nikolay Nasibova`s idea to hold in Nalchik scale horse competitions has called interest and support a republic management.

is an action very important for improvement of political and investment image of our republic, - Arsene Kanokov has underlined.

In the long term jumps on the Nalchiksky hippodrome plan to spend regularly:

- Today in Nalchik - the best hippodrome in Russia. I hope that we in April, 2007 from Moscow will transfer the following race season here. And on September, 1st the next year in honour of 450 - letija joinings KBR to Russia we intend to spend jumps on a prize of the president of the Russian Federation, - Nikolay Nasibov has declared.

the Global reconstruction which has transformed the Nalchiksky hippodrome of 1951 of construction in the best Russian hippodrome, corresponding to the world standards, has managed in 50 million roubles. Money is allocated from personal fund of president KBR. All became literally at sight : building has been mastered for 45 days - is processed an order of 70 thousand cubic earth, about 300 tons of concrete, the greatest is constructed in Europe a stable and an ideal race path - that is very important. It appears, at horses of English thoroughbred riding breed forward feet are shorter, and back is longer. And if on a race circle there will be appreciable differences of heights, the horse can fall

Unique disappointment which has comprehended thousand spectators on the Nalchiksky hippodrome, - absence of a tote, that is possibility to do monetary rates. The licence for a tote is not received yet. Therefore on tribunes has arisen a spontaneous tote . And still public with lust glanced at the newcomer Toyota - Karollu which should raffle after races.

Opening of races has turned out bright and remembered - bright domes of paraplanes flying in the dark blue sky with loops of a multi-coloured smoke especially were pleasant. But all waited for the main thing. The program the Cup of Elbrus included five races on prizes: Nalchik, the Unification of the people of Russia, Kubok Nasibova, president Kabardino - Balkarii and the main prize - ELBRUS CUP . On a race path spectators could watch the most smallest peripetias on the huge plasma screen. Each arrival passed on different distances with participation of horses of various age and had the prize fund which was distributed according to prize-winning places - the winner received 60 % from the general prize fund. Among guests of honour on a hippodrome there was a president of KCHR Mustafa Batdyev, the first deputy The chairman of the government of Stavropol Territory Vitaly Mihajlenko, a mufti of Stavropol Territory and KCHR Ismail - hadzhi Berdyev and the chairman of the government of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov who was ill here for the horses.

the Prize of the Unification of the people of Russia has won the Satellite from Bashkiria, Kubok Nasibova also took the representative of Bashkiria - Zigair, a prize of president KBR - the Brig of Flojd from the Rostov region. Derby and the main prize - the Cup of Elbrus which prize fund has made 6 750 000 roubles, the bay stallion the Piece of coal (Moscow) which the master - jockey A.Ivansky operated has won. The piece of coal has prevailed against a classical distance in 2400 metres for 2 minutes of 49 seconds!

There were winners and among spectators - in a lottery has won and became the owner Toyotas bookkeeper DRSU 1 Nalchik Karina Efendieva.



president KBR Arsene Kanokova too has own racers.

- At me five horses, - Arsene Bashirovich has confirmed, are gifts of friends. Now I have picked up a place where there will be a presidential stable for gift horses. But I think that we by a professional advice will get horses for selection and actively to participate in race life



Smooth jumps are spent on a smooth circle of a race path not less than one kilometre in length. Horses from two till four years skip on a distance no more than 4000 m, horses of advanced age - on longer distances. Jumps on horses were widely spent in India and the Ancient Greece in 1000 BC In Russia jumps initially were destiny of the seigniorial and nobility of noble family, but since 1841 the special committee of Imperial Tsarskoje Selo races began to spend annually near Petersburg jumps on prizes in which basically officers of Guards sabres participated. In races Soviet period continued to be spent regularly, in 1972 and in 1977 the Soviet jockeys have won 10 international races.