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The militiaman has brought down three persons

Tragedy has occurred in a village Novotroitsk Isobilnensky area. The sergeant of militia Alexander Evdokimov on own to the nine together with friends rushed along the street October, and in full operation its car has brought down three pedestrians.

- As a result of failure two persons have received closed cranial - brain traumas, multiple fractures, and the third victim of the reckless driver has died in the central regional hospital, - Paul Koshkidko, the senior inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of Isobilnensky area has told to our correspondent.

Sergeant Evdokimov, having left the passengers on a place of accident, has run away. But next morning, tormented with a remorse, has pled guilty in police station. According to the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor, examination has shown that the driver at the moment of failure was sober. On the given fact criminal case under the item is brought 264 criminal codes of Russian Federation, a part 2 (infringement of traffic regulations and the vehicle operation, led to death of the person). It means punishment in the form of imprisonment within 5 years and deprivation of a driving licence till 3 years - to the discretion of court.

Now the person on remand is under a subscription about nevyezde and is at home, waits for court. It has left militia.