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The Stavropol summer residences become reserve?

on the international advice of museums which has passed in Sochi, the concept of creation of reserves in territory of Stavropol Territory has been presented.

- This project we have started to prepare two years ago. He has already received the positive decision of the Russian scientific research institute of a cultural and natural legacy of D.S.Lihacheva, - the deputy director on scientific work of the Stavropol state memorial estate, the candidate of historical sciences Sergey Savenko presenting new idea to world museum community tells.

On the basis of the concept the program of complex development of memorial estate which plan to realise years edak for 25 is now developed.

- in our corner of the world weight of unique places which should be saved by all means. If we do not think, as it to make, for ever them we will lose, - tells Savenko. - Building of the future reserves - one of the acute problems. For example, workers of a museum periodically stop feeble efforts of summer residents on territory of the Tatar site of ancient settlement on which the country co-operative society " borders; Lesok . But Sergey Nikolaevich has found a way out of this situation: summer residences can become objects of memorial estate. In world practice there is such concept, as muzeifikatsija inhabited objects. Terrible in it anything is not present. Life of inhabitants the Scaffold will proceed, as before. Simply, if they agree to become a reserve part, they should observe certain rules. For example, indulgently to concern periodic invasion of tourists.

- Summer residences reflect a special historical and cultural stage of life of Russia of second half of XX-th century. Somewhat the summer residence is family mini - a museum where bring unnecessary things, and they, in turn, are the characteristic of certain time, - the historian confirms.

By 2007 experts of a museum promise to present already detailed program of creation of reserves of Stavropol Territory. Work is necessary huge. It is necessary to think over objects of display, to construct zones of rest for tourists.

Having embodied this project, experts hope not only to save unique cultural - historical places of Stavropol Territory, but also thereby to involve in our corner of the world of tourists.

In Karachaevo-Circassia and in Krasnodar territory the similar program for a long time already is realised. And than we are worse?