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In Stavropol has opened Factory of political stars !

In Stavropol has opened Political factory (it has settled down, by the way, in territory of the former factory Red metallist ) . So in the regional centre the All-Russia action started, to take part in which have invited young men at the age from 21 till 28 years which would like to become deputies of the State Duma of Stavropol Territory. As one of organizers of the action Sergey Devjatko has told to the correspondent, the project - some kind of political Factory of stars which participants will represent from themselves politicians and to carry out various tasks. The best will get to candidate lists in deputies of State Duma SK and can participate on the same level with all in elections.

Game Political factory consists of three stages. On the first which will last from October, 11 till October, 20th, the Stavropol youth will suggest to be registered as the participant and to fill the Internet - the questionnaire consisting of 49 questions. To make it it is possible directly on a checkpoint and only there. In the questionnaire you will ask on your political views and about experience, and also about presence liderskih qualities and the participation purpose. At the same stage about each participant of a game of politics will remove a videoclip - everything, as at the present candidates. At the second stage candidates should carry out individual tasks. Someone will need to collect signatures, to someone - to arrange meeting, and to someone - to extend propaganda leaflets. All is to participants of the action it is necessary to do at own expense though sponsoring too is not forbidden. Those who will appear the most original, sharp and politically correct, the following task waits - to organise debate. By results of this competition of three lucky beggars will appear in service records and will receive real possibility to get to a big-times politics. The special commission consisting of leaders of public opinion of the youth environment of Stavropol Territory, representatives of the party - the organizer of the project and not less popular youth movement will estimate participants.

While the young men who have expressed desire to participate in the action, not so it is a lot of. - 23 - the summer post-graduate student of the Stavropol agrarian university Stanislav Molchanenko - we managed to one of them to communicate.

- That has resulted you on Political factory ?

- I consider myself as politically active person, besides, 4 years I consist in youth party. I have an experience, and I consider that is ready to represent interests of the Stavropol youth in the regional Duma.

- And how you estimate the possibilities?

- I will make all efforts to look worthy in the opinion of the colleagues and compatriots.



If you too want to try the forces in the politician, come on the Checkpoint Political factory to the address: pr - t K.Marx, 7. The Operating time - daily with 10. 00 to 18. 00.


And At this time

Besides Stavropol, the Checkpoint Political factory has opened in Pyatigorsk and Nevinnomyssk.