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Krasnoyarsk archeologists against building Quantum

the Factory costs on bones of the Krasnoyarsk citizens who have died several centuries ago

As it is known, a complex Quantum it is constructed in territory of the Vsehsvjatsky cemetery. During building - since thirtieth years of the last century - any archaeological researches here it was not spent. Today a trading complex Quantum costs directly on tombs of our ancestors. With it already there`s nothing to be done, but in the neighbourhood with in Quantum there is begun building of office building.

on June, 30th on the commission on culture, sports and tourism ZS the expert of department of archeology of management of architecture of edge Alexander Tarasov has informed that in territory of the former factory it is already revealed about 400 burial places.

- we suggest to save this site as object of a cultural heritage and not to conduct on it the further civil work, - Tarasov has declared.

The Chairman of the commission Leonid Fedotenko has offered two variants of a solution of a problem: or archeologists finish works at the expense of budgetary funds - then the saved fragments of a cemetery recognise as objects of a cultural heritage and economic activities will be forbidden, or builders allocate means to archeologists, and those take remains from the earth, and then works will proceed.

on a building place, near to the bases, at full speed there is excavation:

- 386 tombs are Now precisely established, and all them can be 400 - 450, - Danil Lysenko`s archeologist tells. - All is burial places 1774 - 1831. That we here dig out, goes for examination to medical academy. Where there will be a reinterment place, is not solved yet.