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As throw Krasnoyarsk citizens

On a mammon pyramid have pecked hundreds townspeople

More recently at us in a city have caught organizers of a financial pyramid. Officially it was called as public organisation the Choice . Swindlers demanded one and a half thousand dollars in quality an entrance fee . For each resulted beginner in it paid from 200 to 500 dollars. Police officers yet have not counted up the general damage.

to honour of swindlers it is necessary to recognise that their many crimes are planned simply ingeniously.

some years ago in Krasnoyarsk other organised financial pyramid operated. The mechanism of its action was simple. People were offered to pay a payment at a rate of 1800 dollars and then to involve the others lucky persons . Them forced to find this rather big sum within days, convincing them that will be tomorrow already late. Officially firm activity consisted in the organisation of leisure of the provided citizens.

subsequently psychological - psychiatric examination has proved that experts were involved in crime preparation. Namely: under the recommendation of psychologists at organisation meetings music which operated podavljajushche on powers of thinking specially joined. People simply could not think adequately. Victims was hundreds - money there went a continuous stream. About 13 million roubles it was possible to collect to swindlers from trusting citizens - Lyudmila Papulova specifies.

Earn on the credit!

Consumer credits became very extended recently. Now for reception of the delightsome washing machine or the TV of simply enough document and small monetary pledge. It is possible to pay the remained large sum within the whole year. Such conditions have seemed very attractive to set of swindlers. They offer the acquaintances to earn additionally .

Ask from people the passport, explain that would take the credit, but there is no residence permit. In the basic their victim are the unemployed, for which and these 500 roubles which they receive in exchange for the services, - decent money. A leah it is necessary to say what to pay all sum under the credit it is necessary them.

And still now many use firms on employment. There suggest to give the passport, and tomorrow to come behind already issued contract. This time to swindlers quite suffices to issue the credit. Advice here idle time - never and trust nobody the documents.

the apartment is cheaper?

Not robbers have earned one million roubles on zavetnejshej to dream of many and many Krasnoyarsk citizens - to have own apartment. The swindle connected with share habitation, - on a broader scale one of most often meeting.

- We have given all money which have been saved up, and more took the loan in bank, - one of victims, Olga Nikolaeva tells. - the house promised to hand over in a year. But also in a year, and through two constructions on a place stood only three floors instead of ten. Us very long fed with promises, and that the most awful, we at all did not know what to do.

- it is very a pity to ourselves of those who has some years ago given considerable money for apartment, having flattered with that cost for square metre there was much more low, than at others. It is clear that the firm - the builder initially puts in the price and cost of building materials, and a salary of workers, and it is a lot of still that. And victims easy go to firm - to the intermediary which to these expenses should also profit to itself to add, without having been confused at all that at it cost of habitation much more low.

the Parcel from the North

One especially enterprising citizen has decided to use strong desire in many people to please the heads. Preliminary having learnt, when the chief will not be on a place, the swindler came into office.

- a parcel here has brought to your chief, - that explained, - itself has just arrived from the North, here a small fish, berries here. He and promised to pay well.

further, referring that time to wait is not present absolutely, the artful swindler suggested to pay the services. Asked not too much - one thousand, one and a half. Employees understood position and willingly got denominations from a purse. Some of them too would like to receive same posylochku. The criminal did not refuse and quickly raised money, promising to execute the order in time. Certainly, anything tasty neither to the chief, nor its subordinated to try and it was not possible.

- It would Seem, very simple cunning, - tells Elena Agafonova, zam the chief of an investigatory part at the Department of Internal Affairs of a city of Krasnoyarsk, - however employees more than 100 organisations on all city became its victim.

return the car through the notary

the idea with cars did not concede on simplicity and at the same time efficiency. The person on a car market sold the car - usually expensive foreign car. Having received wholly all sum, it made out the power of attorney on the buyer. Then, having changed the mind called in to the notary and cancelled the power of attorney. After that happy owners of the car were detained by militia.

however, summing up, it is possible to notice that more often victims of swindlers are those who wishes to operate quickly, whenever possible bypassing rules.

- it is a lot of such cases, - the chief of an investigatory part at the Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnoyarsk Lyudmila Papulova speaks. - it would be desirable to convince people that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap. Also that before to give the, fairly earned money, and at times, by the way, very rather big sum, it is necessary to think well.

on a note

Demand documents!

(professional advice)

not to get to a situation when all money for apartment is given, and there is no place to live all the same, it is necessary to be converted into those firms which are already known and work in the market for a long time.

and here what advice is given by Alla Ivanov, the main lawyer of Open Company the Siberian business world :

- At purchase share it is necessary to see attentively:

1. The document resolving building on this ground.

2. The contract on individual share of financing of building which should correspond to law positions completely. Namely: the rights should be registered in it and duties of the parties, terms, a way of transfer of apartment the building address.

3. The inquiry in which the conclusion about absence of debts at firm to which the client was converted is made.

- actually, - Alla Ivanov tells, - the companies - builders not always give the chance to citizens to familiarise with these documents. If everyone who gets share, attentively looked through them, affairs in the court, connected with such swindle to win it would be much easier.