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The MAIN passions on the real power

Friday, 13 - e. Unhappy day has once again justified the reputation. This time in Pyatigorsk where the history with elections is, seemingly, far from end.

the Election committee has registered 33 deputies on 11 three-mandatory election districts. The Pyatigorsk municipal duma has grown three times (in former, the second convocation, there were only 11 people`s choices). Newly elected also it is necessary to choose the mayor from own number. It is clear that such prospect and rigid struggle for an armchair of the first person of legislature and the head of Pyatigorsk speaks. The first person of the power executive is, we will remind, Igor Tarasov.

that these two people should work in a close tandem for the city blessing, clearly. But who becomes this second first person - while it is not known. Names of applicants are known is Lev Travnev ( an United Russia ) And Alexander Kuzmin, now twice the deputy - the Dumas regional and city Pyatigorsk (by the way, on a question on, a leah will leave it now the regional Duma, Kuzmin has not responded - probably, it will depend on, a leah will choose its head of Pyatigorsk).

It is remarkable that the number of supporters of both applicants at the first session of a thought was divided with small overweight towards Kuzmin, though, by data ER under the party list in a thought have passed 12 persons and more five self-promoted workers - United Russia party members, i.e. 17 persons are the majority. We will assume that deputies were divided, probably, not concerning adherence, and concerning the date of elections appointed to Friday. Here that Galina Sushko has told to the correspondent the deputy:

- Earlier elections of head have been appointed to October, 19th, but then unexpectedly combined with day of delivery of deputy mandates. The majority of deputies - 18 persons - have supported earlier sounded date of elections. We have created organising committee which should be engaged in the organisation of elections, prepare bulletins for voting which will be secret.

According to Konstantin Savchenkova, the chairman of election committee of municipal union Pyatigorsk, the announcement of carrying out of the first session of a thought on October, 13th it has been published in a local press, in the same place there will be also a notice on new session. It also will be the first as it to consider taken place it is impossible - the most part of newly made deputies after Alexander Kuzmin has left a hall of session after announcement of the decision on acknowledgement appointed before date of elections. There is an impression that Pyatigorsk passions on the power with elections of deputies at all have not ended, but only begin. The charged atmosphere bore to it in a session hall also.

By the way, Konstantin Savchenkov concerning elections date has explained the following:

- the Situation in a city was heated, about it it is known and in higher instances. There is certain data at law enforcement bodies. Therefore electoral committee the decision to hold an election of head at the first session after delivery of mandates also was accepted.

It has not occurred. And it was necessary to vote not to deputies, and members of election committee. And not for the head of Legislative Assembly and a city, and for a session recognition not taken place upon absence of quorum.