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The Stavropol students competed with veterans of GAI

to lower breakdown susceptibility on edge roads, employees of traffic police have organised the first competitions among students of high schools. Competition very much resembled on all favourite KVN, and besides student`s commands, veterans of service of GAI have taken part in it also.

As from French the word " is translated; the driver how much all in the country of traffic signs where have made the first domestic car, in what country has occurred the first arrival on the pedestrian how correctly to impose to the victim the tyre, how to stop an arterial bleeding and to make indirect massage of heart? Participants not only responded to these and other questions correctly, but also showed the knowledge in practice: applied to a dummy a bandage, did massage and etc.

And here with knowledge of the most important thing - traffic signs - there were problems.

Komanda StGAU a sign Turn is to the right forbidden has called a sign, Forbidding turn on turn . The command of flight school has disassembled signs for 35 seconds ahead of time, but one sign remained neolearnt with them. And only at the command of professionals answers completely corresponded to accurate information. But they went hors concours.

As a result of jury has defined that know laws of roads students SGU better. But prizes - tape recorders and DVD - players - were received by all participants of competition.