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The BLIND GIRL knits, embroiders, moulds

the Unique child - speak about 16 - summer Lejle Kappushevoj. The girl writes verses, plays three musical instruments - a bayan, a guitar, a piano, - knits a hook and spokes, spins beads, moulds from clay, embroiders with tapes. Also dreams to see again. Lejla has gone blind, when to it was three years.

- Accident, - her mother Marina Jusufovna speaks. - to Remember it it would not be desirable. The main thing to return to the child sight.

Lejla has transferred already 13 operations. And how much they still is required, precisely tell can nobody. The next test - change of an eye cornea soon is necessary. Lejla does not wait for favour, she earns money for treatment. With it it is helped by workers of the Stavropol museum of local lore where on Friday the exhibition - sale of creative works of Lejly Kappushevoj and pupils of boarding schools of Stavropol has opened. It already the third cultural charitable action which spends a museum.

- For the first time we have carried out this action two years ago. All means received from sale of works by Lejly, have gone on its next operation. Now we have decided to allow to earn additionally and to other children from boarding schools, - Ekaterina Sidorov, the critic, the project head tells. - an exhibition Overcoming - attempt to talk to adults language of children`s creativity. Practically in each work - love to people. These children are afraid of nothing, they very many understand - more than adults because on their share very many travails and tests have dropped out.

At opening sang and pupils of boarding school 36 for deaf and children hard of hearing danced. Looking at how these children diligently utter words of a children`s song, adult furtively wiped tears.

the Mood all was lifted by the Stavropol Robertino Loretti Daniel Vodopjanov. The young actor confidently feels on a scene, he is not confused at all with attention of spectators. Behind thick lenses of points naughty eyes disappear. The boy almost does not see. Daniel studies at music school on a bayan class.

- the grandmother has insisted On a bayan, more drums are pleasant to me, - Daniel is frank.

the Feast has come to the end with a fashionable defile. Employees of a museum showed shawls, scarfs, hats, the scarfs connected by Lejloj. Women of fashion, do not pass by. Any of these cosy and original products will decorate your clothes. As the prices here simply ridiculous: a shawl - from 300 to 500 roubles, clay toys - from 70 roubles. Believe, these lovely bagatelles will bring good luck in the house. Simply because you will help Lejle to take one more step to dream execution:

- I want to be on a level with other people, to graduate from the institute, get a job...

So it is simple. And so it is difficult.