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Who has beaten legal experts?

the conflict which has occurred in Nazran in the middle of October between the legal experts who have gathered for meeting of memory of Anna of Politkovskaya, and local militiamen, has not discussed only the lazy. Legal experts unanimously say that pravoohranniki tried to disperse their picket, have crushed posters, otmutuzili active workers. In a word, in the conditions of constant pressure from law-enforcement and other bodies it is heavy to them to realise the problems.

- Let`s try understand this situation, - has straight off offered a press - the secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia to Nazir Evloev. - for anybody not a secret that Ingushetia as any other region, is considered difficult in the plan kriminogennoj conditions. The authorities - with a view of security - at all do not countenance any concourses. Road service stations, the markets are protected with special carefulness, additional dresses as inside, and outside of these objects are exposed. And in this case we recommended not to spend picket in memory of the lost journalist to Anna of Politkovskaya. Did not mean at all to offend its memory though so a situation legal experts now present. Besides they speak, as if people in shape trampled down slogans and a portrait of Politkovskaya. Then that there was planned by the authorities of republic a political action.

we have photos from a scene. On these shots it is possible to present, as all occurred. Legal experts complain that has been beaten by militiamen, and on pictures it is visible that and grazes they have received bruises at fight with unknown persons (at that point in time) young men.

Eyewitnesses assure that no dispersal with beating of women existed. Militiamen were perplexed, looking at people who have started the fight which has outgrown in usual fight. To assort, who from them who, was not neither time, nor possibility. On requests to calm down public did not react. Fight grew, and it was necessary to undertake something. Have decided to deliver the most zealous in OVD. And already there it was found out that almost all arrested persons are representatives of human rights organisations the Memorial and Mashr .

It is thought to protect the rights of other people, it is not so obligatory to search for enemies everywhere. Meaningful dialogue time, including with the power has Perhaps come? After all blood on caucasus has spilt enough.