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The Stavropol veterinary surgeons collect exotic animal

Exotic piranhas and pythons in the regional centre brought more than once. Difference of this exhibition from many other things that copies for it collected from 2001 three students of veterinary faculty of agricultural academy of Stavropol. Besides, all animals presented to collections, - house in the sense that at their desire it is possible to contain without problems even in apartment.

- We collected animals for ourselves (we veterinary surgeons and all these friends of the person very much love), and then have already decided to organise an exhibition. At first in our collection there was a snake and lizards. We bought them in the bird`s markets in Stavropol. After the high school termination have moved to Pyatigorsk where now and the exhibition is based. The collection all time grows and replenishes.

We and terrariums for all favourites did, read the literature special that nobility, how to feed and contain, pupils - that ours - entirely one exotic, - has told one of organizers of an exhibition Alexander Sutrimin.

Now in a collection twenty four copies. Each of them on - to the is very interesting. By the way, directly at an exhibition it is possible to get the pleasant small animal, and owners of a collection if it is necessary, will advise, as it to look after how to make a terrarium most or where it to reserve. Aggressive or poisonous animals here are not present.

- Here, for example, sinejazyky stsink is a lizard, grows to semimeter, it is very similar to a dragon, hisses, but does not bite, eats insects, meat, vegetables and fruit, - acquaints us with exhibits Alexander. - and here chinchillas, tender small animals. And very fluffy - on one square centimetre of a skin at them settles down to 20 thousand strands of wood. Also eat, by the way, a little. There are 3 thousand roubles. And it iguany - in their South America use food. These reptiles quickly get used to people, but if the person see for the first time, can and hiss.



to See pythons, piranhas and polecats it is possible in Stavropol state istoriko - cultural and prirodno - landscape memorial estate of a name of G.N.Prozriteleva and G.K.Prave along the street Dzerzhinsky, 135. Phone for inquiries (8652 26 - 42 - 23. The Entrance fee from 20 to 50 roubles. The exhibition will work till November, 18th.