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In Nevinnomyssk have passed fights without rules

- Beat him in a head, well, give! Souls! Finish a heel from above!

It not a scene from the insurgent - under such shouts there passed in Nevinnomyssk the championship of Eurasia on polnokontaktnomu to hand-to-hand fight. For three minutes of a duel of the rival it was authorised to finish under the full program : to strike blows by feet in a head, to apply painful and suffocating receptions. Therefore the rare sportsman has done without the broken nose, lips or a bruise in a floor - the person. But even having been traumatised, the fighter should not leave a battle place. He could count on medical aid only upon termination of a duel. In general, action for people with strong nerves. To participate in it man`s national teams of six countries - Russia, Ukraine, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan have agreed.

is very rigid sport, - the vice-president of the International federation polnokontaktnogo hand-to-hand fight Sergey Ermakov has underlined. - When - that in such competitions women competed also. All of them possessed the unique data.

Tribunes roared and enthusiastically clapped. The most widespread phrases were: Finish in a head its Urine! souls up to the end! . In different variants they sounded in six languages. I warrant, the unprepared spectator - and among them had also I - the frost ran on a skin. At the moment of sharp fight I had to turn away. And it thus that at competitions on a kickboxing which on emotional heat without rules do not concede to fights, I happen constantly.

With what purpose the given sport is propagandised? On a site of the International federation has read that cruel duels allow to pull together a sports duel with real fight . The Ultimate goal - strengthening of health of youth and preparation for service in Armed forces . And more one juicy detail: According to the chairman of regional committee on physical training and Nikolay Mogilintsa`s sports, the given sport in Russia is not licensed.

But we will return to sportsmen. Eight persons of a victorious team - Russian national team - have received on the computer. silver the South Ossetia fighters have carried home. bronze has gone to Abkhazia.