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When fire will approach closely, and in a sleeve will jump!

property is better to insure

- Hello, I have got on the Direct line ? Boris Nikolaevich, I in the street Moscow lived earlier. One week ago we had a fire, has burnt down 8 apartments. Tell, a leah it is possible to make answerable the originator of a fire?

- Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. According to the current legislation check if investigators reveal crime signs will be spent, or will be found out that the tragedy has occurred on someone`s negligence the guilty will be by all means punished.

- And what can threaten it?

- Will depend on weight of the caused damage. It can be administrative responsibility or criminal. Responsibility degree establishes court.

- And a leah compensate us a damage?

- With this question I would advise to you to be converted into a city administration. As to Upravlenija Gospozhnadzora I can tell that your tragical case costs on special control, now on a fire place investigators work, examination is spent. You too can help us with an establishment of causes of the fire: do not hesitate, tell to investigators as all occurred. Be well informed about the checks, a concerning fire, necessarily familiarise with materials.

- Boris Nikolaevich, my name is Irina. I do not know, can, my question at the wrong door? My relatives went to Moscow, in a way the bus has lighted up. Thank God, nobody has suffered, but at people have burnt down all things. Tell, please, any indemnification is put by it? The Ministry of Emergency Measures will indemnify a loss?

- As far as I know, all damage the insurance company should pay to them. The ministry of emergency situations is not engaged in payments. In Stavropol Territory there is a set of fires. Happens, to us people come, speak: We remained without habitation, help . Certainly, it would be desirable for them to help, but to provide with apartments pogoreltsev owe the city authorities. But is better to insure the property then you receive money anyway.


How to escape from a burning high-rise building?

- Hello, it is Sergey from Stavropol calls. I live in a skyscraper, on 11 - m a floor. I know that firemen have ladders which get only to 9 - go a floor. And how in case of a fire to be to us?

- your house concerns buildings raised etazhnosti. In such houses, in - the first, there are special fire-escapes. In case of a fire on them it is possible to get out, if, of course, their tenants did not cut off also hatches have not made. In - the second, in a lay-out of a high-rise building are provided nezadymljaemye staircases. At one time we even forbade building of many-storeyed buildings in Stavropol from - for absence of saving technics. Very soon at the Stavropol firemen will appear 50 - the metre lift and 30 - a metre ladder. For today it is the most effective technics for carrying out of rescue operations.

- you are called by Anna Petrovna, I want to complain of neighbours. They have tightly closed up the fire hatch. Heaven forbid, something happens, people who will respond will be lost? You can come with check?

- Yes, inspectors of Gospozhnadzora check the ladders located in apartments. But only in the event that there is an information that rules of fire-prevention security are broken: for example, the transitive ladder on a balcony or as in your case, the hatch is made is cut off. Only then our workers have the right to come into apartment.

Besides, all modern buildings constructed not earlier than 2001, are equipped by system dymoudalenija and the fire alarm system. Another matter that at some simply hands are scratched to pick open not clear metal boxes which hang on a wall at an entrance. On a broader scale, tenants of skyscrapers need to watch a fire-prevention status of the habitation. The necessary information can be received in Management of the State fire supervision. Inspectors will check up a building, will tell that there at you not so that it is necessary to correct. Write down phone: 94 - 54 - 32.

- Thanks, I will necessarily call.

- Boris Nikolaevich, Elena on a wire. Tell, please, as it is possible to get out of a burning building independently?

- it is better, that experts were engaged in rescue of people. Firemen have necessary means of rescue - lifts, ladders, sleeves. And here before victims rescued only by means of a ladder - shturmovki. From them laid paths on 10 - 14 - j a floor! When I on doctrines ran on these ladders reflected and how the old grandmother on them will go down? The word of honour, it under force only to sportsmen. Now all have understood that without lifts not to manage.

Besides, there is an individual defence effective remedy - a special almuce which is capable to sustain high temperature. In it air for 20 minutes will suffice, it is enough this time to wait arrivals of firemen or most to come downstairs. On a broader scale, if the premise is filled with smoke, is better to get out of it on all fours. The more close to a floor, the and the temperature is less, and to breathe easier.

- Good afternoon, it the Direct line ?

- Yes, be presented, please.

- Me Ekaterina Vladimirovna call. Boris Nikolaevich, I read that in the summer firemen tested means of rescue which the fire hose is called. Tell in detail, what is it.

is new and while the only thing in edge saving means such. The saving sleeve is such dense pipe made of cloth which by means of the lift can be lifted to 9 - go a floor. And descent on it occupies only some minutes.

- And it is not terrible?

- In a sleeve it is light, and on an exit of the person specially trained fireman catches. Remember, how escaped on a fire in Vladivostok? When fire closely will approach, not only in a sleeve will jump. If there is a rescue way, fire you on this way will be directed without hesitation! In an oncological clinic there is a special fire lift - if during CHS the usual lift is disconnected, this continues to work independently. Today all under construction buildings above 10 floors are equipped with such lifts.


to Each apartment on a fire hydrant!

- Tell, how it is possible to extinguish a fire by own strength?

- I the supporter of that fires were extinguished by professionals. Certainly, if you have come into a premise, the waste-paper basket there burns - it is not necessary to wait someone`s help. Waters have splashed out, and all. Or have seen that the TV has lighted up, have pulled out from a network, have brought down fire a blanket - the fire is extinguished. But if you have opened a door in a room, and there, for example, the carpet, furniture which allocates weight of poisonous substances burns, - quickly close a door, call fire protection by phone 01 and begin evacuation of people. To extinguish such fire independently it is not necessary. Our people do not have not enough knowledge and, probably, care. There was a case when the man has glanced in a tank with gasoline and that its contents are better to consider, has lighted to itself a lighter. A leah it is necessary to explain, than it has ended? Or there was a case - the man welding cut a gas bag on which sat. As a result - neither the welder, nor a cylinder

Today all apartments which are put in operation, are equipped with independent firemen izveshchateljami which are in each room. Besides, in apartment there are also fire hydrants. In a toilet the pipe with the gate is established, the fire hose in length of 15 metres in the same place is hung up. So in any point of a premise where kindling has begun, it is possible to submit water.


Who is guilty?

- Boris Nikolaevich, my name is Valentina Pavlovna, I call to you from Svetlograda. At us before the beginning of academic year checked schools and in some have found infringements. Tell, how often you spend such checks?

- Unfortunately, periodicity of checks not such as we would like. To one inspector GPN it is fixed 180 - 200 objects. Certainly, those from them where the roughest infringements are revealed, whose activity is suspended by the law, we periodically check. And as to the others

Present, in August before the beginning of academic year the inspector has checked up schools. Also has not simply checked up - has filled weight of various papers, has made set of documents, has given out writs. Such, for example, within a month to establish the fire-prevention alarm system . We, of course, would like to check up each term of the writ, but simply there are no forces. So we check as far as possible. Besides, we have preventive operations. In August we checked schools, operation " has then begun; Habitation then - Hospital after - operation the Enterprise .

Soon winter - especially dangerous period. The majority of fires at this time year occurs from - for faulty heating devices and faulty furnaces.

- And if there will be a misfortune who will bear responsibility?

- All responsibility in that case lays down on the principal, the head physician of hospital, say, on the head of the enterprise.

- Hello, I the owner of shop. Recently with check inspector Gospozhnadzora came, has written out a heap of papers and has suspended shop work. And at me that`s OK - the alarm system is established, the notification system is. I consider that inspectors make the overestimated demands!

- In UGPN there is a telephone hotline 24 - 11 - 82. It works round the clock, at any time you can call on it. There will accept your information, to you there will arrive experts, will spend independent check. And if it will appear that the inspector really overestimates the powers, it will punish.



- With you Lyudmila Petrovna Nikolaeva speaks. I live on 4 - j to Industrial street. Near to our house have constructed a tank farm, in the same place there is a storehouse for szhizhennogo gas. When in five o`clock in the morning there pit gas, we choke! Nearby there is also a platform for plum of oil products. We were converted into all instances, but the answer and have not received.

- I in a problem course - concerning this tank farm from citizens statements regularly arrive. And I too divide your concern. The question consists in the one whom to make the decision on your area whom to introduce there an order. And as to answers to your statements, I can tell with confidence that Management GPN is literally about ten days ago has prepared to you the answer.

- I have not received it. But this paper is necessary to me! We will achieve, that a tank farm from here have cleaned. We will be converted into court!

- Completely you I support: the court is the most civilised way of the decision of your problem. The matter is that in your case fire norms, and norms of gas supply are broken not. However, owners of a tank farm took all measures to secure and base, and slivonalivnuju a platform, and now they develop compensating actions. We did not give the permission to tank farm operation.

- And it works!

- Lyudmila Petrovna respected, it any more our competence! Here norms which we should watch not, and Management on technological and ecological supervision are broken. At us in the country of 86 various supervising bodies, and at everyone the powers and the standard documents. And we cannot solve questions of other department. Can write down phone Gostehnadzora - 26 - 48 - 57. Try to be converted there.