Rus News Journal

Van, look, what clowns!

festival of humour and a sensuality in advertising Epika became the first, on - to the present spring, secular action of Krasnoyarsk. It was felt and on mood of local dandies, and under their dresses, and on atmosphere of a lung April durakavaljanija.

the Organizer Epiki has acted 7 channel . Such here in the image TV men have noted the 7 - letie. Especially to subtilize they did not become and have made a party, being guided by the name of festival, comic and erotic. On opera and ballet theatre foyer the militiaman, the Little Red Riding Hood, a huge condom ran rjazhenye. Clowns suggested to sweep on a toilet bowl on castors, to peep in a keyhole to the neigbour and to play maps on money. Grannies - transvestites treated all chupa - chupsami with words We will teach you to suck! . Such here humour on the verge of platitude.

however, there were also quite harmless surprises. For example, to all visitors on an input have given out envelopes with puzzles. Some from present there and then began to collect these advertising pictures.

Having got excited this aperitif, spectators have tumbled down in a hall to look advertising. After display one of visitors has described it a word the Bomb! . Really, was over what to laugh. No, not so. Was over what porzhat, pogogotat and to die laughing. The majority of rollers spectators saw off an applause. To retell all seen there is no sense and it is necessary to put out the tongue only, to all, who has shirked this feast.