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Beslan children will meet the king of Jordan

Yesterday 90 Beslan schoolboys injured with September act of terrorism of 2004, have gone to capital of Jordan - Amman. To visit this Near-Eastern country children have received the invitation from king Abdally II. It is known that this monarch honoured in the Muslim world as 43 - j the descendant of prophet Mohammed, has resolutely denounced actions of terrorists, and its statement became a basis the Ammansky message under which leaders of many Muslim countries have subscribed.

- on May, 15th the president of Open Society the Russian railways the chairman of board of trustees of the Center of national glory of Russia and Andrey Pervozvannogo Vladimir Yakunin`s fund has awarded king Abdallu with Andrey Pervozvannogo`s II international award Dialogue of civilisations . After rewarding the king has invited Beslan children to rest and rehabilitation to Amman. As co-ordinators of this project the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and office of the Jordanian Hashimitsky kingdom have acted, - has told a press - the secretary of Mineralovodsky branch Severo - the Caucasian railway Dmitry Olhovsky.

In Jordan Beslan children can not only restore health, but also have a rest. Children from the North Ossetia will meet royal family, and also the Jordanian contemporaries, will visit on a visit at beduinov and in royal yachts - club, will take part in harvesting of olive berries and take lessons of manufacturing of a mosaic - one of traditional local crafts.

According to organizers of the action, visitation of Jordan showing an example of peaceful co-existence of two religions - Islam and Christianity, - will be for children improving and in direct, and figuratively.