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How it is possible to punish the seller for trade in a dangerous product?

on questions of readers the lawyer Irina JAKUBOVSKY responds.

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As it is possible to punish the seller for trade in a dangerous product?

Has bought in the market to bank of black caviar, but on it there were no working life marks. And taste of caviar the sourish. Has Then spent money to poison?

George Ivanovich.

you have the right to be converted in OVD (where there is a market) with the statement for storage and sale of production which is not meeting the requirements of security of life or health.

Law enforcement bodies should make under your statement operatively - search action Control purchase . Then the withdrawn goods to direct for examination.

If by the expert judgement it will be established that the withdrawn goods do not correspond SanPiN 2. 3. 2 1078 - 01 Hygienic requirements to quality and security of food raw materials and foodstuff and gostam 7442 - 2002 and 7630 - 96 criminal case under item 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation the sanction on which - the penalty to 300 thousand roubles or imprisonment till ten years, most likely, will be brought.


What penalties for crimes?

What penalty, in what size can punish for a crime?

Igor Fedorov.

Article 46 of the criminal code of Russian Federation establishes the size of the penalty for crimes of small or average weight - from 2500 roubles to one million, or at a rate of a salary or other income denounced for the period from two weeks till five years (depending on weight of the crime, the come consequences, a property status denounced, and also taking into account reception possibility denounced a salary or other income).

penalty Payment can spread for the term up to three years certain parts.


That carry to remedial costs?

to the Son have given term. Except claim repayment suffered court has decided to collect also remedial costs. What does it mean?

Maria Konstantinovna.

remedial costs concern:

the sums spent for manufacture of judicial examination;

the sums spent for storage and transfer of material evidences;

the money paid to the lawyer to destination;

compensation to the expert, the translator, the expert;

the sums paid to the victim, the witness, the expert, the expert, the translator, understood, on a covering of the expenses connected with an appearance in court;

the half-received salary to the victim, the witness understood for time, spent by them in connection with a call to the inspector and in court; and also other expenses.