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In November in edge the first snow

Today - the first day of last month of autumn will drop out. And though us, southerners, the weather on - former indulges heat, just right to start to prepare for winter. As the Stavropol weather forecasters promise that it will begin in the second decade of this month. What will be November?

- the Autumn this year has stood out warm enough. However she will have time to show the unstable character in November, - has told to the correspondent the deputy director of Stavropol branch ANO severo - the Caucasian agency on specialised gidrometobespecheniju Olga ALIKINA. - the Average temperature of air is expected within norm, and times and for 1 degree above usual.

In separate days of the first decade of month the temperature of air will go down to negative values at night. Since second decade of month, the thermometer column in a night-time practically always will be below a zero that, however, it is quite natural to November. In the afternoon in the first decade air temperature will keep in limits from 7 to 12 degrees of heat, and in separate days - from 3 to 8 above zero. In the second decade of November in the afternoon will be from +2 to +7 degrees more often, only in rare days the temperature will rise above +10.

And if in the beginning of November stavropoltsy will hide from a rain under umbrellas already where - that in the middle of the month waits for us the first snow.