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In the edge State Duma learnt to use elektronkoj

Work with information technologies it is inevitable, spoke yesterday at meeting in the Stavropol State Duma on which have gathered operating affairs of representative bodies of city and local municipalities. The program of the organisation of electronic document circulation takes root already almost year. Within the limits of this program the isolated email server has been created. Now on electronic mail there is an active correspondence between legislators of all levels: from city to the rural. According to Alexander Kazmin, the adviser of department computer and the software of the State Duma of edge, this server only for the, and anybody from the outside will not get into it. So neither spam, nor cunning hackers do not threaten legislators.

But whatever one may do, and level of development of electronic technologies at all different. Therefore gathered it was necessary carefully, practically poshagovo to explain process of work with internal electronic mail and with program Outlook Express.

However to translate all legislative process in an electronic kind now it is impossible. And knowledge yet does not suffice, and means.