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Alexander ZHULIN:
Communication with Grishchuk - an error of my life!

Basharov names this project Stars in a hell

- Alexander, you as - that adjust Ingeborgu before performances?

- At all of us, as in sports. I say that is usually told to sportsmen. For example: do not waffle, to anybody do not pay attention. I many times noticed: if you start to look performances of other pairs, you spend energy, and then it does not suffice on herself. But I to you will tell, Ingeborga - very strong person, with strong mentality! From it the excellent sportswoman would turn out. With Ingeborgoj it is easy to do supports: it very courageous. And weight at it correct: it weighs even less, than my partner Majja Usova weighed.

- And on the Olympic Games in Turin you spoke to your wife Tatyana Navke any magic words before an exit on ice?

- the Strong sportsman never faces the trainer and does not ask that to it to do. He knows, how it is necessary to be adjusted. I sometimes tried to remind: Tan, you will not forget, it is necessary here It: Sash, depart, please . - Well .

On trainings she perfectly heard me. But when there is a competition, I can already help nothing. I simply leave in a black coat and beautifully I stand.

- I know that on the similar project of the channel Russia actors have gathered once and began to complain: sportsmen on a broader scale were stunned, demand from us impossible, moreover and are angry.

- Me about it told Nastja Grebenkina, my schoolgirl who, by the way, very fine acted together with talented guy Sergey Lazarevym. We on the First channel had a similar situation. At first all went for a drive more or less easy but where - that from the middle of the project conditions have started to be heated. After all in each pair there is a sportsman, very many achieved, with champion character. And during any moment in it the present sports passion wakes up. And gets, to naturally, our actors: we from them tear up three skins. Knowingly Marat Basharov has already christened this show Stars in a hell .

But we with Ingeborgoj try not to suppose such errors. It is necessary to concern process more easy. On the Chinese system. And then all will turn out.

I after all fine understand: at the skilled trainer the sportsman adds every week, and from the actor by definition it is impossible to achieve a rapid progress. Therefore we with Ingoj think of estimations in the fourth turn. Simply we try to do numbers which are pleasant for rolling and which are pleasant to public. Though all the six to receive pleasantly, what there.

- Oksana Pushkin to one journalist has told, as if it is most on this project pay to Alexey Jagudinu. It is not insulting?

- no Concept I have, Jagudinu how much pay. What to me a difference? I in another`s plate do not look. If I have agreed on this project, means, all suited me.

- Gljuk`Oza has left the project from - for unexpected pregnancy. But I heard that figure skaters sometimes continue to act, having been in the family way. Masha Butyrsky - a fresh example.

- If the sportswoman will drive to 2 - 3 - monthly term, no trouble will not occur. The child will be more tempered, with a good vestibular mechanism. But Gljuk`Oza after all not the professional figure skater. Can fall, a leah is not enough that


At a daughter a substitute - Maria Sharapova

- Now all your family in Moscow. During week-end in the evenings watch on TV Stars on ice ?

- Certainly. With a daughter and the wife. Very much it is pleasant to us.

- And for whom small Sashenka Zhulina is ill?

- Both for the father, and for mum. She at first asked me: the Father and why you mum not to take in the partner? now estimates us separately. Has last time told that Basharov as - that uncertainly costs standing. And looking at Ingeborgu, has asked: It that, the figure skater? for us with Ingoj it is a great praise.

Sasha, by the way, very sports girl. In six and a half years she is engaged in figure skating, plays tennis: Maria Sharapova - its substitute. When Sashenka has seen the mum`s hand cut in the European championship, has declared: for what I will not be the figure skater . But then has again risen on the fads.

- Be going to grow up from a daughter the champion?

- As will go. A champion`s title - business difficult. And in many respects depends on character. If a daughter it will be good to play tennis, but during any moment will tell: Well, has lost competition - that here such - if it will not have any passion, I on a broader scale - that very much will be surprised. Because mum at us hazardous. And the father too. But specially we will do nothing. Will show character - means, will play. Is not present - in something else will become successful.

- you in the perfect physical form. Also you will not tell that for a long time have left for trainer`s work.

- In America I constantly go to a gym and on swimming. I play football, in a golf, in tennis. I very much love sports. Besides a lot of time I take on ice with the figure skaters. So the form is supported by itself. And during the project Stars on ice at once has dumped four kgs. I after all, except the project, for six hours per day train! To me have passed the Russian pair of Mihajlova - Sergeys, Armenian - Grebenkina and Azrojan, some more pairs. I, it is possible to tell, in a state of shock I am, because every day it is necessary most be loaded physically plus brains should to work for my pupils... But anything, I love difficulties. In December of show will end, and then all the evening long will be free.

- you remain in Moscow or again will leave in States?

- At least two years I will be here, and there we will look.


Victory of the wife - my victory!

- Alexander, I should ask you very uneasy question. Oksana Grishchuk who together with Peter Krasilov has defeated the similar project, having arrived to Moscow, has started to call in the Moscow editions and to offer scandalous interviews. In them she has in detail told about how you made a declaration of love to it, have presented a wedding ring And all ostensibly that it has left sports and Olympic gold has got to you with Majej Usovoj.

- I its interview did not see the Big error of my life - communication with this woman. If the person, won two Olympic medal, talks till now concerning Zhulina - fine, let continues. I will not begin to speak badly about with whom I had any relations. Or it is good, or anything.

- As you think, why later 8, 10, 12 years Oksana Grishchuk still continues to abuse Tarasovu, Platova and Zhulina?

- Well I cannot respond you that it the silly woman.

- Fans of figure skating are very afflicted by that Tatyana Navka in the blossoming of forces leaves sports. Why not to win still pair - a three of gold medals?

- There is no sense. If the person the Olympic champion, it already has achieved all. I cannot simply pass you, what power and psychological expenses are necessary to win the Olympic Games! I do not represent, to what in life it can be compared. After all at Tatyana already the fourth Olympic Games were. Any normal person in senses will not sustain it. And at it still a family, the child Tatyana leaves, that this blossoming was saved for any time. Will go for a drive with Romkoj Kostomarov in professional shows. I so am proud and glad for them! Such sportsmen - the big rarity. They do the trainer great. My vanity very long touched the second place on the Olympic games as which I considered as defeat. But victory of my wife became also my victory too. For what would not want to appear again on the Olympic Games as Taninogo of the trainer. Such only once in life it is possible to worry.



Alexander ZHULIN - the champion of Europe, the world champion, the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic games in Alberville, the silver prize-winner of the Olympic games in Lillehammere.

the Trainer of the Olympic champions of Turin - 2006 Tatyanas Navki and Roman Kostomarov.