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Comedy Club has decided to understand mind Russia

Residents Comedy Club very actively expand a mission field. Simply to joke, facing a microphone, they have not enough now. They suit festivals in the overseas countries, represent the collections of clothes. And now under aegis KK there was a separate show Ours Russia . It goes on the air TNT on Saturdays and Sundays in 23. 00.

Paul the Snowball Will has written down for this purpose show a song which will finish each release. Garik Martirosjan participates in inventing of jokes. But nevertheless are the soloist in Ours Russia not they, and two kaveenshchika - Michael Galustjan from " command; Tired with the sun and Sergey Svetlakov from the Ural pelmeni . (We Will remind that in most Comedy natives too participate basically from KVN .)

Outwardly Sergey and Michael - the complete antitheses. One - the huge blonde with quite Russian appearance. Another - small chernenky the Caucasian. Many jokes on it also are under construction.


the Gentle milling-machine operator from pig-iron Florence

New transfer in many respects reminds Small town with Stoyanov and Olejnikovym. It too a set of short ridiculous stories - sketches. Their action is developed in different Russian cities, both Galustjan, and Svetlakov try on on itself the most different masks.

For example, Galustjan represents the Central Asian guest worker building elite apartment in capital. Svetlakov acts in a role of the severe capital construction superintendent. The guest worker on - russki speaks hardly - hardly, understands even worse. And, when the construction superintendent starts it to tell off, does not know what to respond. And to bawl out is for what: all money which stand out to guest workers on purchase obojnogo glue, go down in a casino!

And in the city of Chelyabinsk - pig-iron Florence Russia - the problems. At local pipe-rolling factory one of employees has appeared... The milling-machine operator first in the history - the homosexual. He is tormented with passion to the small and bearded factory manager, which does not know how to escape from stickings of the best when - that of the worker...

Puts Ours Russia director Maxim Pezhemsky, the author of a popular comedy Mum, do not grieve . To work to it it is uneasy enough: all - taki the art cinema and five-minute sketches are a little bit different genres. Nevertheless with kaveenshchikami it has quickly enough found common language.



Each sketch in Ours Russia is anticipated the short preface: the solemn offscreen voice tells to us about cities where there is an action, and about characters. Here it is a little exemplary humour.

- St.-Petersburg - the most cultural city in the world. Even Petersburg birds, flying by over a city, suffer. Here, in the house of the exemplary maintenance, konserzh Ludwig Aristarhovich abhors tenants of own entrance and secretly writes on walls abusive words.

- Taganrog. From space Taganrog is not visible, as, however, and space from Taganrog. Sergey Jurevich Beljakov, as well as millions Russian men, likes to talk to the TV. Especially when on it sing girls like Jeanne Friske, and the wife nearby is not present.

- Omsk - the most sports city of Russia. Especially here love football - after all in the fourth football battalion struggles for a survival Omsk GAZMJAS . The trainer, the small sadist, cruelly beats the players, and then tries to bribe the judge for one thousand roubles. But it is impossible: the judge asks two...

- Nefteskvazhinsk. The sauna, beer, crabs, girls - deputies Pronin and Mamonov suffer affliction for the people.

- Krasnodar. Boys of Slavik and Dimon whom, as well as many teenagers, hesitate to buy condoms. They do not dare to utter at all this word before the druggist. Therefore decide to pretend to be deaf-mutes and to represent a condom in a sign language.