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To protect apartment from theft and a fire the policy

" will help; My house - my strong hold “ - popular wisdom says.

But also this strong hold protection is necessary. The fire, theft or neighbours from above, forgotten to close the crane, can add to you of efforts and force to bear unforeseen expenditure. And meanwhile to save up money, time and nerves can help the insurance policy.


That threatens your house

Every year in the country more and more citizens insure the habitation against misfortunes. To provide all misfortunes which can happen, difficult, but it is necessary to aspire to it, insurers speak.

- the Whole world uses insurance protection in addition to strong locks, high fences, metal doors, lattices and even in addition to the security alarm system, - Elena FOKINA, the head of department of insurance of property of physical persons of the company " makes comments; MAX “. - Mortgage development too has helped to realise that insurance of object of pledge it is not simple “ bank loading “ and real financial protection, and clients ask us to insure real estate on full valid cost.

But always it seems that state of emergency can happen with everybody, but not with me. And risks for habitation actually are high and very much even are real. Insurers tell: hopelessly growing old system of city communications of housing and communal services has an effect almost every day - pipes burst, conducting sparks.

And the trouble which has happened with my friend, - well directly from the category of laws of meanness. It was necessary to it to finish repair on which has left two months and a great lot of money as there was a deluge: neighbours from above have forgotten to close the crane. And now, to beat out from them money for new wall-paper and a ceiling tile, it is necessary to have legal proceedings. And on it can leave any more two months, and it is more.


Correctly to estimate risks

Every day in the market of insurance quantity of offers only grows. On idea it is possible to be insured from everything - up to intrusion of aliens, as they say, any whims for your money. But if not to include imagination the set of possible misfortunes will be standard.

- In Moscow it is insured more than 25 percent of premises if to consider voluntary insurance, - Michael BLAGOSKLONOV, the vice-president of Open Company " ascertains; the General insurance alliance “. - the Insurance companies usually offer a full package of risks - except for exotic, as, for example, falling of flying machines. Fires, a lightning stroke, explosion of household gas, acts of nature, failures of engineering networks, penetration of water from the next premises, illegal actions of the third parties. Such package is optimum at the price and completeness of protection.

it is natural, the more risks provides your policy, the more expensively it to you will manage. But, as they say, on calmness do not save. Here you will be insured only from a fire, and here thieves will climb. It is necessary to bite elbows only.

policy Cost, naturally, depends on metric area of apartment, its status, property and finally from indemnification sum. For the insurance it is necessary to pay approximately 0,22 percent of a total sum of indemnification. On the average on capital of 1 square metre is estimated by the insurance companies in 27 000 roubles.

Tariffs for habitation insurance on the country, naturally, differ.

- Rupture is very great: from 0,01 percent to 10 percent from a project cost, - Michael Blagosklonov speaks. - There are regional factors, at each region the, and at each insurance company. In particular, in the Rostov region insurance upon flooding is much more expensive, rather than in Moscow, as probability of approach of insured event above.

Time for registration of the insurance at you will not leave much. There are some variants, for example, to call the agent on the house.

- it is the most favourable to be insured on the express train - the program, - Michael Blagosklonov advises. - In - the first, you save time - it is not necessary to call the expert for survey, the habitation is estimated under the fixed tariffs. In - the second, the fixed cost allows to avoid revaluation or underestimation, after all realtor estimations of habitation include weight of parametres.

Convert βνθμΰνθe on all treaty provisions. Do not hesitate, ask again the agent that means this or that condition. And experts advise special attention to give to conditions of payment of indemnification.



On what to pay attention at a choice of the insurance company

1. It is better to be converted into the insurance company having experience in this kind of insurance.

2. Notice, how fast and will competently manage to respond in the company to your questions.

3. Policy cost should not be too low or too high. Do not overpay for a brand at insurance of an identical set of risks, but also do not trust insurance of the property of the company about which you hear for the first time.

4. Interrogate acquaintances or clients of the company whom you will meet at office. The trust of consumers speaks about much.