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The stream uniting the people

Despite cloudy morning on October, 27th on opening of most high-mountainous in Russia of a gas pipeline, passed near to capital of the North Ossetia of Vladikavkaz, many people, including high-ranking officials have come. And it it is no wonder, after all event more than not ordinary.

the New gas pipeline will pass from Dzuarikau in the North Ossetia to Tshinvala in South Ossetia and will rise on height of 3148 metres, providing with heat and light of 16 settlements of both republics. The project was developed the whole two years, and more not less than two years will leave on its realisation. Work astable environmental conditions of area and complexity of a trajectory - hills and set of the rough and dangerous rivers, and also selevye and lavinoopasnye complicate zones.

Cheap the project you will not name. Only the pipeline, according to the trustee of Open Society Gazprom Valery Golubeva, will manage in 15 billion roubles. However, benefits from it will be much more. Especially for South Ossetia. After all now here are urged to buy gas from Georgia on draconian to quotations - 110 dollars for 1000 cubic metre. Russia for the neighbours will deliver blue fuel on favourable terms.

However the chairman of government RSO - And Nikolay Hlyntsov has noticed that a gas pipeline caucasus has not only economic, but also historical and social value. It as though becomes a binding thread between two Osset people. And in the future will allow to instal gas almost completely both republics.