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How to escape from mosquitoes

Simple advice from which will help orenburzhtsam to get rid of stings annoying krovososov

- Tighten windows and ventilating apertures a metal or plastic grid. The gauze is better be not to using - it badly passes air.
- a doorway on a summer residence veil a tulle or all the same soft plastic grid.
- make bed curtains of a tulle over a bed of the child.
- put the fan near to bed.
- the mosquitoes which have flown in a room collect the vacuum cleaner.
- in the evening wear clothes with long sleeves, trousers, long dresses of light tones.

It is considered Smells that mosquitoes do not take out a smell of fresh branches of an elder, colours of a camomile and tomato leaves. Frightens off mosquitoes a smell of butters of a carnation, a basil, an anise and an eucalyptus (them it is possible to grease open sites of a skin or to drip on fire source - in a fireplace, a fire, on a candle or the warmed up frying pan). Camphor spirit will approach for processing of open parts of a body, and for exile of mosquitoes from a premise the ten kristallikov camphor on the warmed up metal surface is enough to put. On the nature it is possible to throw slightly dried needles of a juniper in a fire.

Infusions and broths
- Infusion of leaves of a lavender: 3 table spoons of dried leaves to fill in 800 g boiled water and to cook on a water bath under the closed cover 5 - 7 minutes. To cool, add 3 table spoons of vinegar. Insist in a dark cool place of 15 days. To put on not protected places of a body in each 6 hours.
- carnation infusion: 5 - 6 g carnations to fill in with a glass of boiled water and to insist 6 hours.
to put on a skin in each hour.
- wheat grass broth: To wash out and small to cut a handful of rhizomes, to fill in with their water in the ratio 1:4 and to boil before reception of yellow broth. Protection operates about an hour.

and lotions
If mosquitoes you all - taki have bitten Solutions, try not to comb a sting place not to bring an infection. To Cope with an itch will help:
- a solution of a teaspoon of soda in 1/ 2 glasses of warm boiled water (to moisten a sting each hour);
- the napkins moistened with cold water, cologne, nashatyrnym or ethyl spirit;
- a green onion, fresh sheet of a plantain, a small wafer of cosmetic clay;
- furatsilin (a tablet to dissolve in 1/ 2 glasses of warm boiled water to cool, moisten in a solution cotton wool and to put to the inflamed place);
- zelenka.
Attention! If unpleasant sensations disturb you of more days or the bitten places have inflamed, converted to the allergist - probably, tablets or special ointments will be necessary.

But more often townspeople use repellents - ready means from mosquitoes. According to the adviser of help service of 053 Irinas the BLUE, the repellents most popular in townspeople - moskitol and Spot-check . However, this summer and other, less advertised stamps are bought up orenburzhtsami on hurrah.

to Interrupt all of them it is impossible
the Head of department of preventive maintenance of disinfection of the Center of disinfection in the Orenburg region Valery ZHIRNOV:
- the City authorities on struggle against misfortunes have given us only 500 000 roubles. But from them only we can spend 214 000 roubles on komarinyh larvae. The others - on destruction of rats, mice and other wreckers.

, of course, it is not enough of It. However, what we did, all mosquitoes to interrupt it will not turn out: it is necessary to reconcile to this natural phenomenon. Let`s admit, will give to us of money three times more. But problems all the same remain. In - the first, nobody is engaged in a high water, there is no money. And after all the bogs remaining after flood, for mosquitoes the house native. In - the second, to some reservoirs in which it is full komarinyh of larvae, simply not to steal up. In - the third, in the Orenburg rural area do nothing to protect people from vampires, and therefrom mosquitoes flights fly to us.

For today most of all mosquitoes in 23 - m microdistrict and Industrial region. The city centre too does not lag behind. A bit easier to inhabitants Steppe.
(otsyl) dear readers! And what way you escape from mosquitoes? Call to us