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Cruel murder in Solar

      in the Official have hammered iron rods

      unknown persons have hammered in the Deputy chief of the central dispatching service of Irkutsk Yury Oskina armature yesterday in the morning. The tragedy has occurred directly near its house in microdistrict Solar when the man has gone for work.
      the car fast has brought the bleeding profusely Yury Oskina to regional hospital. Doctors struggled for his life two and a half an hour, but to rescue the person it was not possible, he has died directly on an operational table.
      as the chief has told a press - services of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Sergey Marfitsin, now the consequence considers some versions of an event.
      - it is possible, this simple hooliganism, - Sergey speaks, - and is possible, the attack is connected with its former work - before Oskin worked in an internal. The Office of Public Prosecutor of October area is engaged in this business.
      the version is not excluded that murder is connected with present professional work of the victim. As the deputy chief of the central dispatching service it prosecuted different subjects. In particular, Yury Oskin had influence on movement of fixed-route taxis: opened routes, ordered movement.
      however, as the head killed Boris Burkov has told, any threats to its subordinate was, at least, he of anything similar heard.