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Anastas the STOTSKY: I am not pregnant!

protege Kirkorov has stepped on the stage in mini - a dress hiding a chest and a stomach

- Look, what tummy! Yes it is pregnant! - the women who have come on Monday on a joint concert Stotsky and Kirkorov were whispered, examining Anastas. About interesting position Nasti, really, recently write much, but it refuses flatly to recognise herself as the pregnant woman.

on a scene Stotsky left in a small black brilliant dress which began on a chest, and came to an end on the bottom middle: to bend in such it is impossible. Free, therefore it was difficult to make out a cut and an acting tummy. Besides, to estimate its rotundity stirred drawing: the dress has been embroidered by a brilliant thread. And, the basic part of spangles has had on a stomach.

- See, she even dances slowly! - tried to convince me of the spectator in the neighbourhood. And really, Nastja worked on a scene not at the full capacity. In clips of its movement are more perfected and courageous. Probably, the matter is that there was the same mini - a dress: in it highly you will not jump up.
though there was in its external appearance something soft, not so shouting. From desperate red knave Nastja has turned to the lovely blonde. Whatever one may do, and pregnant women slopes to such sharp change of image.

My tummy means nothing!
I have caught Nastju in a make-up room and straight off rubanula:
- it is not difficult to you to act in such position?
- In what position?! I am not pregnant! There was a period when I have recovered, and the tummy was visible, but it still means nothing.
- and you anywhere yet did not deny this version
- So anybody me about it and did not ask!
- why you were recoloured?
- the Hair colour I have replaced in Greece when we wrote down a song for Eurovisions (This year Nastju considered as one of pretenders to participation in competition. - Red.) . To me created an image, have thought up a suit, have convinced that I should be the blonde. I long resisted, but very beautifully explained. Soon I again will become red, but not because I imitate Natalia Podolsky as some consider. No to be simple for me red - means to be bright, individual. In the summer I will be the blonde, and is closer by the autumn I will become former.

Kirkorov imitated Pugachevoj
Those who could hear Kirkorov, it is possible to tell, have heard also Pugachevu: first half of concert has been made of songs of the prima donna, only with new words.
for example, Alla Borisovna sang: do not recant loving, after all life comes to an end not tomorrow . And Phillip has altered: So badly to live, as we lived yesterday .
the same Motive, a voice is similar on pugachevsky, even well-known black balahonchik almost one in one - the hall roared from delight.
to Admire, really, was than. The concert passed in style of expensive musical: Kirkorov and Stotsky sang on one breath, without breaks on to chat . Suits, illumination, scenery and podtantsovka too were at the highest level.
by the way, Phillip too has replaced a hairdress, but for other reason:
- Under the wife I am arranged. It at me young if I cease to be pleasant to it, can find another.

Elena has fascinated Filipa in 1991.

Elena Melnik:
- 14 years ago we were together!
Elena Melnik was the brightest spectator at a concert orenburzhenka: its deafening valiant whistle blocked any applause and enthusiastic shouts of public. So soloviha - the she-robber expressed the love to Phillip.
Zalihvatski to whistle it has learnt in the childhood. Boys, of course, envied and respected for such hooligan abilities. It also has used them to draw attention of the singer:
- I very much love it. 14 years ago, when Kirkorov came to Orenburg, we have got acquainted. I think that he remembers me till now. Such it is not forgotten.
- forgive, what?
- Phillip acted in our circus. Sounded lambada, it has pulled out me on a scene and we with it have lighted! I was same full, and danced better any ballerina. So it was pleasant to it that he even has decided to repeat this number. Then in one of interview on the TV he has told that in Orenburg very temperamental women. I know, he meant me!

Alas to break to the favourite singer through protections and a cordon of security guards Elena and could not.