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In a head-on collision six persons

Life of two survived guys were lost Monstrous failure hangs by a thread

has occurred past Sunday on crossing of the prospectus of Br. Korostelevyh and streets Tkacheva. Rushing on a counter strip the seven in which two persons went, has rammed VAZ 21043 in which sat six more person.

according to witnesses of failure, both cars went with a great speed. Our reader Oleg has appeared the casual eyewitness also. Here that he has told to us by phone:
is a horror, simply nightmare! Me toshnilo the whole hour. Children has processed in shreds, has scattered on road. I have counted a four. The others has clamped inside, as in a can. All asphalt around has been filled in by a mix of antifreeze with blood. I have run up, wanted was to help, but it became terrible: hands and feet it is not visible, one bloody lump in gland. My God, the awful death was accepted by children.

the Arrived physicians, rescuers and militiamen have driven away crowd of gapers and have started to work. People carefully cut out from a heap of the crumpled metal. Cars First aid have taken away victims in hospital of a name of Pirogova.

the Terrible result of accident
Four, including the young girl, have died on the spot. One more guy has died in fast on the way to hospital. Days life in one more girl, but, unfortunately, the day before yesterday, glimmered on May, 23rd, she has died, without regaining consciousness.

From own sources we managed to learn that two guys who have survived in failure, now are in very grave condition. The driver the four lies in resuscitation, the passenger the seven have translated in chamber. To communicate with them it is impossible - traumas very heavy, but doctors and relatives hope for happy end. All children who have got to accident, - from Orenburg, to the senior of 25 years.

someone has exceeded speed
the Senior inspector of propagation of a regiment of traffic police Alexey nemolochnov:
- Now there is a consequence, witnesses and eyewitnesses are interrogated. While unequivocally to confirm, who is the originator of failure, it is impossible. Someone has exceeded speed and has subjected people of danger of death. For the last half a year is the most terrible failure with such quantity of victims in a city.

Upon accident criminal case under article " is brought; Infringement by the driver operating the car, the traffic regulations, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons .

to load the road accident scheme