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The best creams in Orenburg are on sale in the market

to Buy decorative cosmetics in the summer - to throw out money for a wind. The best face care - masks from natural vegetables and fruit

Parsley - from bags under eyes
One teaspoon of the pounded branches of parsley to mix with one teaspoon of sour cream. To put on a skin round eyes, in 15 minutes accurately to wash off.

At puffiness of eyelids lotions under the following recipe are recommended: 20 g parsley to pass through a meat grinder, to stir with a table spoon of tea and 30 drops of an oil solution of vitamin A.

From fat will rescue a banana

For a fat skin
well kneaded banana to mix with a lemon juice teaspoon. A mix to put on the face on 15 - 20 minutes, then to wash off warm water. Do it daily or every other day. A course - 20 masks.

To well kneaded banana to add the shaken up fiber of an egg and to put on a fat face skin for 20 minutes. To wash off warm water

For a normal skin
Take a pear of average size, wash, clear of a peel and rub on a small grater. Kashitsu (two table spoons) place in a saucer, add olive or any other vegetable oil (one table spoon), all carefully mix a wooden stick or a spoon.

For a dry skin
the Crushed leaves of cabbage to boil in milk, to make kashitsu and to put it for 20 minutes on the person.

In a tea cup of fresh not boiled milk take half an hour some slices of a cucumber, filter a liquid and wipe them a skin.

the Best doctor for a skin - a potato

At a peeling and a skin inflammation a polished crude potato mix with wheat flour in equal proportions. Turned out kashitsu put on the face a thick layer and from above cover with a napkin impregnated with potato juice. The mask is held by 20 minutes, then wash off the cold milk half dissolved with water.

At allergic stains, posleozhogovyh the traces, the burst vessels it is necessary to wipe daily the person a cut of a crude potato tuber. The potato mask freshens the person, removes weariness traces. A hot potato to crush, add a yolk and it is a little milk before reception dense viscous kashitsy. A mask in a warm kind to put on the face and to cover the person warm, it is better woollen, a scarf. To hold 20 minutes. To wash off warm and then to rinse with cold boiled water.

Carrots, a string bean - from wrinkles
Polished carrots to mix with 2 spoons of potato flour and 1 yolk. The mask feeds, freshens and smoothes wrinkles

One cup of a string bean to presoak at some o`clock per water, then to weld in a water small amount while it does not become soft. The welded string bean to wipe and add lemon juice.

How much are in the Orenburg markets vegetables and fruit
Parsley - 3 rbl. a bunch
Bananas - 23 - 18 rub/ kg
Pears - 40 rub/ kg
the Lemon - 4 - 5 rub/ sht
Cabbage - 12 rub/ kg
the Potato - 10 - 12 rub/ kg
Carrots - 23 rub/ kg