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When zam the governor will be responsible for the words?

on July, 1st, 2003 Open Company Orenburggazprom and Open Company Civil engineering firm Strojtrast (the general director K. P.Grigoriev, it zam Carpenters and chief accountant T.I.Kosenkova) have signed the report on building of a high-rise building at the corner of streets Karaganda and Plane. Investors - the future tenants, that is we should give money for building.

all of us workers Gazprom and Gazprombank has allocated to us loans under building, that is for acquisition of habitation which should be constructed. Apartments have been distributed by department of social development Orenburggazproma considering sequence under lists which were in each department.
the place, the price of square metre, termination dates of building and payment terms (by the way, very rigid) have been stipulated. Within three months we have extinguished 100 percent of cost of habitation. And it is 55 000 000 roubles! At that point in time building had a zero cycle.

Since then building went with the big breaks: there were idle times in March, 2004, from June, 22nd till August, 10th, 2004. From October, 25th, 2004 till March, 2005 building on a broader scale has been frozen.
we were converted into firm Strojtrast but there nobody responded to calls, the office has been closed, the management where - that disappeared. We have learnt that firm Strojtrast any building, and claims of the victims, the objects which have not waited delivery is not finished, are in regional Office of Public Prosecutor. Cottages concern such objects in settlement Grape (holes, cost in one million roubles), two houses in the street Defenses, 3, and 16 - etazhka on Lenin`s area. In the same position there were also we. Houses some of the future tenants which should hand over even in the autumn of 2004, have sold the apartments in hope that here - here will be occupied in new habitation. Some live at relatives. That is us have actually made vagabonds, and thus we with percent extinguish the loans received in Gaprombanke !

This disgrace would be impossible, if firm Strojtrast the assistant to the governor Yury Karpov who has characterised these deceivers as contract organisation, which " did not support; throughout a number of years works stably, honesty carries out treaty obligations, at administration of the region has good reputation . This characteristic speaks simply: wives of the assistant to the governor and the general director Strojtrasta - relatives.

Having understood that requests we will achieve nothing, we were converted into regional Office of Public Prosecutor which recognised us as victims and has charged UBOP to inspect. The decision about the criminal case termination has been then taken out. The regional Office of Public Prosecutor where we were converted with the complaint twice, has refused to us and at all has not called anybody from investors neither as victims, nor as witnesses. And the party of respondents has been listened. Check UBOP too has given nothing, because at the chief accountant Strojtrasta in UBOP the son works.

it we do a conclusion Of all: here whence a coordination in decisions of regional and regional Office of Public Prosecutor and law enforcement bodies. Now we want only that this building was is taken under control, and the general director Strojtrasta Grigoriev has carried out of the obligations on the contract before investors.
workers of Open Company Orenburggazprom 10 signatures (are in edition).

the Post card to the general director of Open Company Orenburggazprom to S.I.Ivanov
Dear Sergey Ivanovich!
At us unique hope to be heard by you - through the newspaper Komsomol truth . We ask you not to leave the workers in private with a misfortune. Help us!
workers of Open Company Orenburggazprom 10 signatures (are in edition).