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How to catch leshcha and jazja

Today we will tell about subtleties of catching of white fish in Ural Mountains and Sakmare

Our rivers abound with white fish of any sizes and kinds. A problem only in how it to catch. Do not listen to sceptics who assert that decent leshcha and jazja it is possible to extract only for 200 kilometres from Orenburg, where - nibud near to the Kazakhstan border - there where Ural Mountains are wider and deeper. Believe, it not so!
the Present high water has presented to fishermen many the tumbled down trees along river coast. In these is that zakorjazhennyh places us and fishing good luck waits. We will catch in conducting, and it means that lake tactics here is not necessary. It is necessary to hold all time a fishing-rod in a hand, watching leave float slowly drifting on a current. Besides, it is necessary to be ready to poklevke every second.

we Collect tackle
the Fishing tackle for catching in conducting should be made from ugleplastika (for example, Volzhanka ) : Such fishing tackles are sensitive and easy. An easy fishing tackle - the keystone to success if we do not want to transform fishing into a train of tiresome physical exercises.
it is necessary to equip a fishing tackle bezynertsionnoj with the coil with a stock of a scaffold not less than 30 metres. The float for conducting is better for choosing with high kilem: it well keeps on a wave and reacts to a wind less.
how to equip a fishing tackle further, look on the scheme. Remember important points: in - the first, on firm floats the weight of shipped pellets is specified; in - the second, pellets should take place on the basic scaffold and fasten so that them it was possible with to move upwards - downwards without superfluous efforts. For conducting hooks " will approach; Mustad or Kanelli .

Floats for catching in conducting should be with high kilem.

do not forget a cat and a feeding up
Having chosen a place (it is desirable with a small current, it is even better - with an easy countercurrent), be convinced that at the bottom there are no snags. But only do not put in water a fishing tackle as it is done by many not skilled enthusiasts who remain eventually without hooks and a scaffold. To clear a bottom will help a cat - the adaptation like the increased tee or a small anchor. In the Orenburg fishing shops cats are not on sale, but any welder will easily make it.
having cleared a bottom, lure fishes. This indispensable condition successful lova. In shops enough of every possible structures for prikarmlivanija this or that fish now is on sale. In a ready feeding up it is possible to add the confidential components - rublenyh worms, an oil cake, parenuju wheat or peas.
the appetizing fish mix needs a ballast in which quality is better to use clay. If clay is not present, any ground directly from river bank will approach. Mix it with a feeding up and from turned out plasticine mould spheres in size with an apple. Then scatter them hardly above on a current from a place lova.
If prefer koshel (a special grid with small jacheej), strengthen it hardly above (on a snag or in advance hammered into a river bed kol). Do not forget to add a feeding up in koshel or to throw spheres during catching that fish is not has left.

Leshch - the persistent opponent
Check up tackle in business and adjust a float so that a hook slightly it was dragged : float movement should be not prompt, and with small delays.

For a nozzle hearts, oparyshi, perlovka, peas and tinned corn will approach. Try to change nozzles to find out that it is pleasant to fish more.
pay attention that large jaz often pecks as a gudgeon or a ruff, and leshch stops a float and spreads it on a surface. It is necessary to cut confidently, but it is careful, that in case of a descent of fish not to remove tackle from the nearest tree. Always hold near at hand podsak. White fish, having got on a hook, persistently resists, and it is better to get from its water this irreplaceable assistant to the fisher. All have prepared? Well, then neither a tail to you, nor scales!

the Prices for equipment in Orenburg (in rbl. for a piece)
the Fishing tackle Volzhanka - from 600
the Scaffold the basic - from 45 (for the reel)
the Scaffold povodochnaja - from 45 (for the reel)
the Float - from 40
the Set of pellets - from 30
the Hook - from 3
the Feeding up - from 25
the Additive to a feeding up - from 30
Koshel - from 30
Podsak - from 165
Total: fishing in conducting will manage to you in 900 - 1000 roubles.

Fish and receive prizes!
declares new competition for inveterate fans of fishing. Be photographed with your the largest or small ulovom and send pictures to us in edition. Do not forget to write some lines: where, when and on what fish has been caught. And can be, any strange story is connected with it?
The letters with photos bring or send to the address: 460000, Orenburg, lane Svobodina, 4, kab. 713, or on electronic mail kporen@mail. esoo. ru. do not forget to make on the letter a mark Ulov - 2005 and to specify the contact phone.
in September we will sum up competition, and three authors of the most interesting pictures will receive the prizes simply necessary for the further fishing exploits!