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In Orenburg have detained actress Elena Tsyplakov

the Empress from Naval cadets Elena Tsyplakov - the merited actress of Russia, the vice-president of fund " wanted to carry by in the plane the forbidden subject

; Young cinema . It is familiar to much on pictures D`Artanjan and three musketeers (servant Ketti), Naval cadets, forward (empress). As the director it has shot films Cane paradise For you I hope a teleserial Family secrets .

to Tsyplakov the employee of security service of the Orenburg airport when it came back from our city home has stopped. The security system has marked cuticle scissors in its handbag. By rules, in plane salon it is impossible to carry by any pricking and cutting subjects.
- Check in and pass, - the security guard has strictly told.
not here - that was. The actress in any has not wanted to leave a handbag.
- Pass me, please, I will make nothing! I absolutely normal person, you see, - the actress was plaintively converted.

But the security guard was categorical:
- you - that, can, and will not make, and here to whom it is necessary, will instantly select your scissors and will use them.

the Employee of security service spoke with Tsyplakovoj cold, without recognising the actress.
and only after the accompanying have whispered to it: Pass - same the known actress the security guard as - that has uncertainly responded: Pass .

that he has not learnt to Tsyplakov, there is nothing surprising. Now it is modestly dressed grown plump woman. From coquettish servant Ketti Elena still had only charming smile and a lovely birthmark over a lip.

Changes have occurred not only in appearance of the actress, but also in a life estimation. Elena Tsyplakov speaks about God much. In Orenburg she has visited a chapel at eye microsurgery, Saraktashsky Piously - the Troitsk mansion.
- once I was with film delegation in Africa. There was ill with the deadly form of a malaria. Has transferred heavy operation. By miracle remained it is live, but after that has strongly grown plump. Then has reconsidered the life, has come to belief
To Orenburg Tsyplakov has arrived as the chairman of jury of festival youth kinovideorabot Diver - a film .
With herself it has taken away work orenburzhtsa Vitaly Stafeeva - an animation film Kohl which has received the higher estimation of festival.

Elena Tsyplakovoj`s Five best films
1. D`Artanjan and three musketeers (1979)
2. Adventures of prince Florizelja (1979)
3. We from a jazz (1983)
4. The guest from the future (1984)
5. Naval cadets, forward! (1987)