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sorochintsam the court has forbidden two will play for money

Behind sentence observance to watch employees criminally - executive system and militiamen

17 - summer Alexey Levashev has received two years conditionally, and 15 - summer Sasha Stepans - one year conditionally. Children prosazhivali in a slot machine arcade money, which earned stealing electricity cables. Young compulsive gamblers have offended energetikov on 77 thousand roubles - this sum the victim parents of guys fifty-fifty should compensate.

Besides, the Sachet with Leshej the court has forbidden to approach to game machines. If somebody from children breaks this interdiction, term from conditional will turn at once in present, with the sky to a section.

Here such surgical a treatment method igromanii from which now, speak, even have started to code, as from alcoholism. Anyway boys connect the troubles with game machines.

- Yes if not automatic machines, I on such would go to lives! - has confidently declared Sasha. - At me after all all is - both the musical centre, and a video player. But as - that has come into game club, has won at once 500 roubles and has gone - has gone. How much lost, how much won, I do not remember. You will sit down for the automatic machine and only you are in time five-copeck coins puljat. That you - to the automatic machine it gives out to you. You notice nothing and you do not consider - neither time, nor money. And that parents gave on pocket expenses, for game was a little. Here we with Lehoj also have adapted money to extract...

Extraction has ended in the spring when on children have got criminal case. Victims have counted up losses, the court has pronounced a sentence, parents of Sashi and Leshi have glanced in purses and have tightened belts. And boys?

- I bypass now automatic machines far off, - Sasha reluctantly admitted. - all Is impossible also here: I for a prickle I do not want. Since spring I do not play, and to tell the truth, not painfully and pulls. And on a broader scale, when went to slot machine arcades, anybody has never asked, how much to me of years. And now, if it is necessary, easy I buy beer, cigarettes - anybody is not interested in my age and does not refuse to sell.
court and conditional term for Sashi Stepanova not so main care: ahead at it examinations - should be finished 9 - j a class.

the Judge of Sorochinsky district court Nikolay KULINICH:
- In the Criminal code of the Russian Federation there is article 73 in which it is said that, appointing conditional punishment, the court can assign thus to the defendant performance of a certain condition. Will supervise in this case observance of a condition inspection on execution of punishments and inspection on affairs of minors.

- I have constructed all protection that game machines have made of boys of criminals.

And more the CASE
In January of this year in Sorochinske the young woman became a victim of game machines. Once for the sake of a joke she has decided to try to play, has thrown some coins in the automatic machine and has received the sum which, being engaged in small commerce, usually earned for a day. Unfortunate has conceived a liking for game, and the debts which have grown to thirty thousand then have gone. Give such sum the woman could not and has committed suicide.

In Orenburg children continue to feed to automatic machines parental five-copeck coins (the picture is made yesterday at a stop Theatre muzkomedii ).

Dear readers! And what you think about it? A leah are necessary to us one-armed gangsters ? A leah it is necessary to other courts to adopt experience at sorochintsev? A leah It is possible to recover from igromanii?
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