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Leah tails will grow at inhabitants of Irkutsk?

all of us it is very favourite is tasty to eat. But it would be desirable to indulge itself not only tasty meal, but also healthy. You when - nibud reflected, what we eat? Recently goes conversations concerning genetically changed products much. has decided to find out, and what all - taki is eaten with inhabitants of Irkutsk?
in sanepidnadzore the Irkutsk region us have assured that in area there are no genetically changed products in the pure state.
- today the raw materials containing transgene DNA, are used only in process mjasopererabotki, - Igor Seredkin tells managing branch of hygiene of a food of the Center sanepidnadzora the Irkutsk region. - Soya fiber from GMI (genetically modified components) is used in manufacture of the sausages prepared under own recipes. Albuminous additives do not include in sausages of state standards.
quality influences the price not always. But it is not so obligatory expensive sausage it will be made without additives. Soya inclusions reduce the price of sausage and, naturally, about it naturalnosti it is not necessary to think any more. But each inhabitant of Irkutsk presumes to buy it to itself almost. It also is one of overall objectives of the scientists who are engaged in genetically modified products.
- the gene engineering is a two-edged sword, - the academician of Institute of earth crust of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science Rjurik Saljaev has declared. - On the one hand, this phenomenon progressive. If forecasts of scientists by 2050 the planet population will increase to 10 - 13 mlrd the person come true. And that nobody remained hungry, by means of gene engineering the kinds of plants steady against parasites, a severe climate and other adverse factors already are now deduced. At the expense of it productivity raises. Now in the world lands nearby 60 - 70 million hectares of transgene plants. In our area prefer to grow up natural grades of grain and vegetable cultures.
But is and but . As a minus of Rjurik Konstantinovich considers unpredictability of results of gene changes in following generations.
who knows, what will be in fourth generation after us if under laws of genetics the fourth generation is exposed to the greatest changes? Rjurik Saljaev underlines that while there is no scientifically confirmed fact of negative influence of genetically modified products on a human body. But each action of gene engineers should carefully and is long to be checked. After all scientists actually accelerate evolution. Change gene structure of a plant in such a manner that it gets new functions - for example, becomes to less subject illnesses or gets stability to a drought. Though the extremely curious cases are already registered: koloradsky the bug gnaws genetically modified potato with not smaller appetite, than the potato created by the nature (diligence genetikov have been directed just on saving a potato from koloradskoj misfortunes). And weeds which should be stifled genetically strengthened corn, on the contrary, so adapt that get still the big vital force. And to cope with them it appears even more difficult!
Besides, nobody knows, how new plants will affect ecological balance of the world: it is impossible to exclude, for example, that the insects eating such plants, too, in turn, will undergo to a mutation. Consequences of it can be the most unpredictable.
and what to do to us, simple inhabitants? First of all, to look at packing. Since July, 1st of this year on products where genetically modified sources of 0,9 % or more, will be stand marks. Thereby the buyer himself can choose this or that product, having read the summary on it. Marks are entered, first of all, for the purpose of population informing.
there is only one question: who to us will yield a full stick of sausage to read structure if we want to take only 300 grammes?


More than 70 % of all transgene plants are grown up in the USA. The second place at Argentina, the third - at Canada. Among genetically modified plants of 52 % the soya makes, 30 % - corn, insignificant volumes - a potato and other vegetables.


In 2000 the Green Peace of the USA has published the list of the companies using H`M - components. There chocolate products of companies Hershey`s, Cadbury (Fruit &Nut), Mars (M &M, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way), bezalkogolne drinks from Coca - Cola (Coca - Cola, Sprite), PepsiCo (Pepsi, 7 - Up), chocolate drink Nesquik of company Nestle, rice Uncle Bens (the manufacturer - Mars), dry breakfasts Kellogg`s, soups Campbell, sauces Knorr, tea Lipton, cookies Parmalat, seasonings to salad Hellman`s, baby food from companies Nestle and Abbot Labs (Similac) have got.


One of local manufacturers of sausages since July passes to completely natural products. From GMI they explain refusal to that do not want to poison the fellow citizens.