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Predators are directed by bank employees?

on Friday in the publication the Pensioner have tracked down at bank and have plundered at an entrance we have told about a brutal attack on 79 - the summer grandmother. We will remind, it has taken away from bank of 4000 roubles, and at an entrance near a door villains have broken to it a head and have disappeared with a handbag.

Yesterday in edition our reader the Novel of Millers to which the similar history recently has happened has called:
- It seems that here there is a fault of bank employees. It not seems to you strange that in broad daylight at an entrance waited this grandmother, and criminals knew what money in a bag? Perhaps, in banks there are people who direct gangsters?
with me there was a similar case. I the working pensioner. For the salary I live, and pension I store on sberknizhke. And here once has decided to transfer money in other bank. Has written on a leaf the sum which wanted to remove and has shown to the girl - to the cashier. Instead of to serve me it as - that zaerzala:
- And you are assured, what want to remove at once 120 thousand?
she some times has loudly said aloud this sum. I, of course, was surprised, but money of visors and have put together with documents in an inside pocket. When left bank, has got denominations and has hidden them in jeans.

And when has gone home, after me in a thin trolley bus two strong guys have run. They dramatized among themselves the dismantling, one has pushed on me another.
when to me has approached the conductor, I have got behind the certificate and have understood that documents are not present. At me them have pulled out! But trolley bus doors have already opened, guys have jumped out. One of them, escaping, shouted to another: the Pancake, and is not present money! . Catch up I with them could not, but on the way they have thrown out all my documents, the passport, sberknizhku and the certificate.

the beach on Belovke should be made paid!
On Saturday we have printed a material the Main beach of a city will enclose a prickle ? In it we have told about a difficult situation which has developed on Belovke: divers here - here will dismiss, and a beach just right to close for visitors. The point of view was voiced by readers of our site www. orenburg.

Zhivoglot [06. 06. 2005 10:04]: It is necessary to make simply an input paid then all will be normal. Basically, a fifty-kopeck piece it is not a pity, if only this money has gone really on an accomplishment, instead of to somebody to a pocket.

the Private soldier orenburzhets [06. 06. 2005 13:54]: if so all is bad, really it is necessary to close nafig a beach, to the people - that to spit, bathe! Means, there will be corpses in this summer, probably, more than usually.