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The governor of Orenburzhye has refused the power

But only to become the governor of region for five years

on May, 31st Alexey Tchernyshev met Vladimir Putin and for 50 minutes of an audience has had time to solve two questions. The first - about distribution of money between Moscow and Orenburzhye (now we give to the centre of 58 percent of profit) and the second - much more important for the governor - a question on preservation of its power in region.
Tchernyshev itself has started conversation on this ticklish subject. The president has responded that approvingly concerns its work, has advised to write the application for trust and has wished successes. The governor and has made - has ahead of schedule combined from itself all powers, and in four days was convinced that has not lost.

- on June, 4th Vladimir Putin has signed representation about Tchernyshev`s investment with powers of the head of administration of area, - the chief of legal department of the device of Legislative Assembly of area of Nailja GALJAUTDINOVA speaks. - Now within 14 days deputies should vote for or against its nominees. Under the law it is, enough, that for have voted 24 of 47 deputies. Voting date is not appointed yet while we do not have all documents necessary for procedure.
till the end of term to Alexey Andreevichu remains three more and a half a year.

Theoretically prolong the powers for five years the governor could more close to the termination of presidential term of Putin (in March, 2008) or on a broader scale in the end of the (in December, 2008). Approval of the president means that in case of support of deputies of Legislative Assembly, Tchernyshev remains at an area wheel for five years, that is till June, 2010.

So why Alexey Andreevich so has hastened? Most likely, the reason that all governors in district have already received trust of the president. To our head to remain to one not countenanced was, probably, inconveniently.

to Remove head it will be impossible
to Release the governor from a post under force only to the president. Even if the Legislative Assembly will express it mistrust, no trouble for the governor will not be. It can simply ignore this decision.