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The security guard of a colony sold to convicts drugs?

past Wednesday on kontrolno - check point the four (JUK 25/ 4) have detained 30 - the summer trainee of the inspector of department of security at whom have found out 6 grammes of the strongest drug - atsetilkodeina and 600 roubles.

- the Employee of a colony we together with state drug enforcement have detained at o`clock in the morning when it took up watch, - the assistant to the public prosecutor on supervision of observance of laws in correctional facilities of the Orenburg region Andrey ZHUGIN speaks. - the Man has worked on this post only two months. When it have stopped on a checkpoint, he in all has confessed at once and has laid out on a table drugs and money.

the arrested person says what to carry by a nonsense on its zone the stranger has asked for an input in a colony. Together with drugs he has stretched it the small sum of money. Refuse the camp minister could not.
- the arrested person is involved under article Storage of narcotic substances to it shines till three years of imprisonment. sale and sale to prove we can not yet, - Andrey Vladimirovich continues.

to Comment to our correspondent on an event the chief the four Anatoly Hvalev has flatly refused.
meanwhile, only in March of this year the Central court of Orenburg assorted similar business. The employee edinichki (JUK 25/ 1) has received from convicts of 600 roubles, has bought at liberty 2 grammes of heroin, and should carry by it in camp. The court too has involved dishonest uinovtsa only for storage of drugs. Having taken into consideration that at the defendant the juvenile child grows, and its frank repenting, to the drug trafficker of a distance of all - navsego and that is conditional year.

Atsetilkodein - the strongest drug produced in the handicraft way on the basis of heroin. If for storage of heroin the criminal liability comes from 1 gramme, for atsetilkodein - already about 0,01 grammes.

How much is cheerful life on a zone
As we know from informal sources, prisoners are not deprived today by the civilisation blessings. For money from walkers from outside they can receive the following:
- spirit (1 - 80 - 100 rbl.;
- cognac of average quality - 600 rbl.;
- marihuana (match boxes) - 300 rbl.
- heroin (1 gramme) - 600 rbl.;
- the prostitute (1 hour) - 1000 rbl.