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With a myoma it is possible to live hundred years

Dear “ reception at folk healers - expensive pleasure, therefore I want to receive consultation through the newspaper. One year ago, when I have passed ultrasonic, in me have found out a myoma - a good-quality tumour of a uterus. Everything that I was advised by gynecologists, has tried, but the myoma only has increased. Doctors advise to do operation. How to be?
Svetlana, mr - n Anniversary.

we continue to acquaint you with recipes of national medicine. Today doctor Izislav Livshits will tell about how to treat a myoma. We remind, if you have questions or offers for our heading, call by us to phone 20 - 80 - 08 or write on the electronic address: oksana@μνενθώ doctors Livshits, the myoma arises more often against thyroid gland or liver diseases. Often becomes complicated infringement menstrualnogo a cycle, plentiful monthly and matochnymi bleedings. Result of disease is excessive completeness, weakening, haemoglobin reduction in blood.
- even among doctors there is an opinion that the myoma is capable to regenerate from a good-quality tumour in malignant, - Lifshits speaks. - I would like to see such statistics. But it simply is not present. Certainly, at the myoma of the huge sizes calling sharp painful sensations, bladder and intestines squeezing, an exit it is obvious - operation. But I consider that there is no necessity to offer operation at a myoma of the small sizes which, as a rule, is treated by a conservative way. To get rid of a myoma, it is necessary to treat an organism as a whole. Now many doctors recommend to women to drink borovuju a uterus. It is one of treatment methods, but not the most effective. I, for example, at myoma treatment use chagu, it is obligatory zhelchegonnye grasses, antineoplastic preparations, such, as a burdock root, a calendula, chistotel. These grasses are accepted not everyone separately, and in the form of medicinal gathering. At myoma treatment syringings, deep tamponada various solutions, and also the candles containing propolis are obligatory.
the doctor certainly cannot name unique the correct recipe of recover because at all patients accompanying diseases are various. But to make the general recommendations it makes sense.
- in - the first, at detection at you a myoma do not rush to extreme measures, especially do not lay down at once under a knife, - Izislav Livshits speaks, - and to begin with consult with different doctors. In - the second, try conservative treatment by grasses. Thus it is necessary to notice that red wine and tomatoes in all kinds are completely counter-indicative bannye procedures. Some gynecologists do not recommend to give birth at a myoma. I, to the contrary, consider that pregnancy and childbirth in most cases help to cure it. I know many cases when after the delivery at women the myoma resolved.

the INQUIRY “ “

the Myoma is the good-quality hormonedependent tumour developing in muscular and connecting fabrics of a uterus. Currently the myoma comes to light at 3,2 % of all women is more senior 30 years. At those who has a gynecologic pathology, the myoma meets much more often - in 12 - 20 % of cases. Primary occurrence - at women is more senior 40 years.


As an example it is possible to result the recipe of such gathering. Into structure enter: manzhetka medicinal, a horsetail field, omela white, a yarrow ordinary, a nettle dvudomnaja, dushitsa ordinary, a lady`s bedstraw tenacious. To take these grasses fifty-fifty, to mix. 1 table spoon of a dry mix to make 200 ml of water, 15 mines on a water bath, to defend, filter, finish to initial volume. Reception on 1/ 3 glasses 3 times a day to meal within 1,5 months. To repeat through 2 - 3 weeks. The general course 5 - 6 months.