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Medical Nogorsky grandmothers have seized at energetikov 3500 roubles

They have proved that money for change of electric metres from them took illegally

In 2002 the state recognised the counters supposing at measurement an error in 2,5 percent, void. Then the decision on their replacement was accepted. Term of operation of old counters - 16 years. This year at whom they have been put or checked up last time in 1989 should change measuring devices or earlier (date is specified on a seal in the counter). And it - almost half orenburzhtsev.
Till the recent moment all changed devices for the money. But some days ago seven old women from Mednogorska have created precedent - have won court against the power supplying company and have received back the spent 3500 roubles.

- I the proprietor of apartment, - smartly tells one of them - Valentina Ivandjukova. - the Counter costs at me on a ladder platform. This year to me the controller has come and has told that it is time to change it. Has brought the writ about replacement of the counter and the contract with the power company. But in this document it was said only that I should contain the counter in proper condition. About replacement there words were not. All - taki the controller has convinced me, it is necessary what to change - the pier, then counters will cost more expensive. I also have agreed. And my neigbours too. But then the acquaintance has prompted that money from us took illegally. Then we have made statements of claim and have won court! Now all city keeps ringing to me, is interested that it is necessary to make to achieve justice.

How to seize money
In opinion energetikov, the Civil code - that dyshlo : does not speak unequivocally who should pay counter change. Now clearly only that the counter in the private house and in apartment of the proprietor of habitation is paid by the owner. The counter is in cases when the apartment is not privatised, or on a staircase, the law can be treated on - to a miscellaneous.

Valentina Mihajlovna Ivandjukova advises to make the following:
1. Attentively look at the contract on habitation acquisition in the property. There it is told nothing about the counter which ostensibly became your property.
2. Ask the lawyer to make the statement for collecting of money correctly.
3. Give in court a copy of the contract on privatisation, the log and the check for the bought counter, the writ, the contract with the company if it at you is.

the COMMENT of the JUDGE
Money to grandmothers to return
the World judge of the second mednogorskogo Yury MARCHENKO`S judicial site:
- in one law it is not written that tenants should change devices at own expense. Orenburgkommunelektroseti Could not prove that replacement of devices and consequently now are obliged to return to grandmothers their money have the right to demand.

We will not pay
the Deputy director of State Unitary Enterprise Orenburgkommunelektroseti Vyacheslav RYABOV:
- We will appeal and to this time we will bring legal base so that we should not pay for counters. We will force housing and communal services to recognise that their this omission. They should include in the contract on privatisation and a staircase part, and the counter.