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During week-end in Orenburg will be 35 - gradusnaja a heat

Contrary to expectations, the beginning of June has stood out the cold. Weather as if has begun to be capricious - that forces to be wrapped up us more warmly forces to hide under an umbrella from a rain.

Yesterday meteorologists at last - that have pleased us. Cold air which managed in our territory, gradually recedes, and already today will come warm and the fair weather, a thermometer column will show +26 degrees. On Saturday the temperature will raise to +29 degrees, and on Sunday will read off scale for 35 degrees of heat.
on area air temperature will make +33 degrees. It will be especially hot in Buzuluksky, Pervomaisk and Revolotsky areas.

in the summer weather forecasters do not predict Cold snaps. Sharp changes in weather will not be, if only from the North ice air again does not come. A snowfall among summer as one of these days has occurred in Europe, it is not expected.

the lowest temperature was marked on June, 10th in 1928 then the thermometer showed only + the 1,3 + degrees, most hot this day was in 1930: +35,3 of degree. Least June indulged heat in 2003: the average temperature of 15,7 degrees was warm, often there were storm rains. The hottest June was in 1998. The average temperature has reached +24,8 degrees.