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Igromaniju it is necessary to treat

On Tuesday we have printed a material to Two sorochintsam the court has forbidden to play for money . It was a question of young guys who stole and sold electricity cables to lose money in game machines. We have asked orenburzhtsev that they think about one-armed gangsters .

Valentina Alekseevna, 60 years:
- it is necessary to be engaged in Youth! First of all to provide children and girls with work. And parents of teenagers - players should consult at children`s psychotherapists. Igromanija is a deviation in mentality and it should be treated.
Sergey Spiridonov, the musician:
- Game machines - a drug! One my acquaintance so has tightened - all things from apartment has sold. And for it the prize is worse than loss - hardly will carry, forces increases on new exploits . Game halls are better for liquidating on a broader scale, and for especially hazardous there is a casino.

Andrey Ermakov, the designer:
- In itself game machines do not bear any threat. To the contrary, benefit, at least to the city budget. Hazardous players always were and always will be, clean these automatic machines or not. But here children turning near to every possible Camomiles and begging for a trifle at passers-by, - it is valid, a horrific image. It is strange that militiamen who go by, easy, even it is indifferent on it look. Probably, it is necessary to forbid for owners of automatic machines to admit to them schoolboys. And for infringement of this rule rigidly to fine businessmen.