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We live 30 years waterless!

people from 4 - go a house entrance 42 on Gagarin`s prospectus suffer affliction from regular problems with sewer system and water delivery.

according to tenants, pipes are constantly hammered and flow from - for malfunctions in sewer system. Mechanics call almost every week.

the Senior Valentina Anatolevna on an entrance from 52 apartments tells:
- In 1976 our house have put in operation, and in two weeks the ground floor has filled in. Since then and we toil: sewer pipes, in a well always water are hammered. And to understand in what the reason, nobody can. Chernova from 57 apartments has achieved the commission, those have decided that the system has been incorrectly mounted at building. We were converted into ours TSZH Comfort there have told that they have changed pipes. But zasorov did not become less: the water drain flows as more often, demands in TSZH did not become less. Payments - that kommunalshchiki raise, and to help - do not help!

After each procleaning of pipes to tenants promise that now all will be exact normally but passes a few time, and the water drain is again hammered, annoying people a heavy stench.
- sometimes we even do not call mechanics, my husband himself in a cellar repairs something. Because when repairmen work, to us water hot and cold disconnect for a long time, - the inhabitant of 47 apartments complains.

Chief engineer TSZH Comfort Azat JUMAGOV has explained :
- I am well familiar with a house problem 42. In 1976 the water drain there worked normally. Problems arise from - for carelessness of tenants. They throw in the newspaper water drain, some manage even garbage to throw out in toilet bowls. And then complain of us that ostensibly we repair nothing! We on a broader scale have a border of a balance accessory, and the sewer well near the house is on maintenance the Water canal . Ask them - they will in detail explain a situation.

4 - j the house entrance 42, despite a constant smell of dampness, looks fine: on staircases purely, at windows - curtains, on walls are drawn by oil paints amusing animals, birdies, small fishes and florets. Personally I doubt that authors of these perfect pictures - the Cyrus and Nastja Karpovy - throw garbage in a toilet bowl.

the Employee a press - services OrenburgVodokanala Evgenie of CARPS:
- Any demands for repair of sewer communications to Gagarin`s address, 42, did not arrive. If TSZH will place the order, our masters of malfunction will eliminate.

And more the CASE
And at us a cellar smelly!
Tenants 3 - go and 4 - go house entrances 4 in the street Tereshkovoj have brought the petition under which stood more than 20 signatures in edition. And in it - complaints to constants zasory in the water drain, on capital repairs which did not do never for 45 years of existence of the house, on zastoi some faecal waters in a cellar and an ineradicable stench in ground floor apartments.

- to Live in apartment simply intolerably. The house management periodically sends mechanics to clean the basic pipe, but it helps a little. It is necessary to change old pipes!
four months sewer waters merge in a cellar. In the house awful insanitary conditions!

- If pipes will not change, will wash away the base. The house - that old. We have written the application with the request for replacement of sewer pipes to chief UZHKH Victor Ivanovichu Zaninu. More month has passed, but reactions from public utilities has not followed.

the Employee a press - services Svetlana FEDOROVA:
- Zasory of the water drain, as a rule, occur because of inhabitants: Skins from a potato in a toilet bowl will throw out that, a rag. To clean zasory, arising of - for carelessness of tenants, is free we are not obliged. If the problem long-term also is connected with damage of pipes why tenants of the house 4 in the street earlier in UZHKH were not converted by Tereshkovoj? We on a broader scale from them did not receive any statements. Let write to our central management company. We will carry investigation, we will find out the reason and complexity of sewer damage and we will plan repair of pipes in the house.

On the one hand, tenants are absolutely right, demanding from kommunalshchikov services for which the blood money pay. On the other hand, kommunalshchiki, daily pulling out of sewer collectors such that should not to get to a toilet bowl in any way, however gets. Like all are right, guilty is not present.
In these cases I am am confused with another: why in bowels Water canals Emergency signals, TSZH, ZHEU, UZHKH complaints of townspeople to the disgraces created on decades completely vanish? Perhaps, by a principle there is no piece of paper - there is no problem kommunalshchikam to work easier?

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