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The boy have shot from a sawn-off shotgun

On a question of the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor: Why you have killed the person? the criminal has responded: I have seen enough films - insurgents . In March, 2004 the Sverdlovsk district court of Irkutsk has sentenced the twenty years` murderer to 20 years of imprisonment.

a good companion and otjavlennyj the hooligan

Ilya Konakov grew the independent guy. So happens that it remained without mother and the father who has soon found to itself other woman was engaged in its education, but to a marriage has put all as - that did not reach. The daddy`s darling lived separately from them. However, it did not prevent to look after to it the child of darling.
the attention was required to the guy, as the family head quite often left on work in business trips. Fifteen-year Ilya without supervision did not remain - in such days the stepmother visited it, checked life - byte. Ilya in lycee perfectly well studied. Gentle disposition and friendliness have got to it universal love. It used full confidence not only at the father, but also at the acquaintances and friends. In a word, the sociable guy and the obedient son.
once it, that without suspecting, becomes the hero of a film where the role of a victim will play and will die martyrdom.
the director this nonfictional tragedy, Andrey Babanov, was the complete antithesis to Ilya. In spite of the fact that it was nurtured in a safe family, its habits from a school bench called alarm associates. Very often it inadequately reacted to remarks of teachers, and all is not enough - malskie conflicts to contemporaries found out by means of physical strength. When to it it was executed eighteen, it has stolen the car - simply to drive. In its this crime have instituted criminal proceedings - distances two years conditionally. To be the simple car thief of the guy did not arrange. Then he has thought up to itself(himself) a role of the murderer.

Gop - stop with a sawn-off shotgun in hands

on September, 26th, 2003 about 11 o`clock in the evening Andrey Babanov together with the acquaintance Vadim Jarkovsky stood at a stop Settlement energetikov . Except them in this late hour public transport waited some more person. Vadim was interested by a three of the boys who were standing nearby. It has approached to them and has asked 4 roubles to leave in microdistrict Anniversary. Young men have responded that money at them is not present. Here Andrey has joined the friend also. In its sight threat was felt.
during this moment one of teenagers has slipped in the approached trolley bus and has left. To its two friends - to Ilya Konakovu and Sergey Purinu - guys have ordered to depart with them far away for conversation. When they have appeared behind trading pavilion, Babanov has demanded 500 roubles from Sergey. Has threatened that if that will not fork up, will be killed. Confirming to the words Andrey has suddenly got a sawn-off shotgun of the hunting double-barrelled gun from a sleeve of a jacket and has shot at air. The frightened fellow there and then has told that money at it is houses that he lives nearby and behind them it is possible to descend.
soon all company - both extortioners and their victim - have appeared at an entrance where there lived Sergey. The boy has come home, but to leave back did not gather. To parents he has told that any type with a gun waits for it at an entrance. In some minutes Babanov has called in apartment and has asked Sergey. The father, without opening a door, has responded that the son does not leave. To Andrey does not remain anything else how to be cleaned back home. The racketeer annoyed with failure has decided to come off on remained at it captured . With words: What for the friend such, time it throws you? he has ordered to Ilya to follow it.
Purin which has Looked out in a window - the senior saw, how two adult guys and the teenager left in darkness. If he has called in militia and has informed that the armed gangster pursues the teenager, probably, the group of fast reaction would manage to neutralise criminals. At least, time for this purpose still was.

has dug to itself a tomb on a country site

Ilya under escort conducted through settlement energetikov and further, on a footpath through a bog, to gardening the Veteran of work . In one of country houses light burnt. Babanov has entered into a fencing and it was knocked at a door. To it the man has opened. Andrey has asked a shovel, has told lies that at it the car has got stuck. Having received the necessary tool, the gangster has returned to Ilya and Vadim.
now their way lay back - on a bog. When they have appeared there, Babanov has given to Ilya a shovel and has ordered to dig a hole. The poor creature has begun to dig, but in three minutes has complained that the earth rigid. Then Andrey has taken him aside and, having ordered to dig on a new place, has growled:
- If you will break a shovel, the earth teeth you will gnaw!
But also this time the soil has appeared too rigid. The criminal by all means wanted to embody the terrible plan. He has led Ilya again to gardening - there the earth should be softer. Malefactors have looked after nearby a summer residence. Owners in a small house were not. On a kitchen garden Babanov in the third time has forced the fellow who has grown weak for fear to undertake for a shovel.

Andrey`s Friend has killed a victim a shot in a forehead

was tired from similar how he thought, performance and has asked, what for that so persistently forces the boy to dig a hole? I want it to kill - has sounded in the answer.
business took a nasty turn. Till now Jarkovsky thought that its friend simply strashchaet the boy... Seeing that the workmate has become puzzled, Babanov has sent Vadim to look - a leah burns where - nibud light. Has threatened that if he will try to escape, will bury also him. Jarkovsky, without daring to contradict, has trudged to carry out the order of a furious companion. Far has not left. Approximately in ten metres there was a hothouse, for it it and has hidden.
Andrey did not think to play. For it and its victim all was on - to the present. It has removed a sweater and a T-shirt from the boy frightened to semideath. Now that faced it half-naked and, choking with tears, begged to release. Babanov has directed to the answer on Ilya a gun and has forced to dig further. After the tomb has been dug, the monster has ordered to rise on its edge. To show the krutost as it becomes in films - insurgents, has brought a sawn-off shotgun trunk to a forehead of the person... A cock to press did not hurry. Enjoyed a mad sight of the victim. For horror Ilya has shrivelled, has sat down... When the shot has thundered, it and has fallen in a tomb - compressed in a lump.

the letter dug in a tomb

Every other day Purin - younger it was converted into militia. Has informed that its friend was missing - the guy the day before armed with a sawn-off shotgun has withdrawn Ilya Konakova in an unknown direction. The boy have carried in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs for photograph collection viewing where photos of all who when - or was not in a harmony with the law are stored, and there among them malchonka has identified that armed guy.
Sergey has learnt the gangster at once - Babanov already was earlier we judge for car stealing, and its photo in the militian catalogue was available. Field investigators have immediately left to the address, where veins the suspect. It did not begin to deny the fault...
the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area of Irkutsk has during the investigation applied the rare investigatory reception known in criminalistics as system of the latent co-ordinates . At survey of a scene it has dug in a hole, whence have got a body killed, to bank. In it has put a sheet of paper on which has written that such - that numbers the corpse of the young man is found in the given place. On that leaf have put the signatures eyewitnesses of this experiment.
When check of indications Jarkovsky - already after detection of a corpse and a recognition of Babanova was spent - the witness of murder has precisely specified a scene of crime. The inspector at the understood has dug out in that place to bank with the message confirming words Jarkovsky. Thereby have been received incontestable that proof that the witness tells truth, and, for example, does not try for any reasons obolgat Babanova, having accused that of murder.
... According to the father of victim Ilya, twenty years of imprisonment is too soft punishment for such criminal.

names and surnames are changed for ethical reasons.