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The tax will forgive those who hid incomes

But only if they will surrender till July, 1st

it Concerns those who did not pay (or has underpaid) the uniform tax to the made income. That who till July, 1st will pay taxes on - fair, fiscal bodies guarantee amnesty . Not repented the fine, penalties and even criminal cases wait.

With approach of summer of a shortage began to grow: tax cost summer cafes and beer depends on the area occupied with them which as have shown checks, businessmen underestimate often several times. To all other our businessmen do not like to punch checks, but like to sell alcoholic and tobacco production illegally. Such employees of two mobile groups created in UFNS catch.

For the volunteers wishing to hand over artful businessmen, in UFSN works a hot line . By phone (3532 70 - 23 - 20 it is possible to complain of infringers of tax laws. By the way, zhalobshchikov the majority - people of pension age calls very much, from them.

Dear readers! As you think, a leah will be businessmen, " much; surrendered to tax specialists? A leah becomes a hot line that help who wants to settle personal scores?
call to us by phones: (3532 77 - 03 - 81, 77 - 56 - 05, 77 - 62 - 66.