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Our reader has dug out on a summer residence the press of Drjuona

Soon it We will show in a film about our well-known fellow countrymen

already wrote that the Ukrainian film group shot at us a film about Tchernomyrdin and other celebrities connected with Orenburg, - Rostropovich, Morise Drjuone and the Mexican artist Vladi twice (see from June, 2nd and 15 of this year) . Readers too have brought the mite in creation of this picture.
after our first publication in edition the Orenburg doctor Arius Sirovsky has called and has told an interesting story:
- Still about ten years ago my son, the doctor - the psychiatrist the Lion Portnov, digging beds on a summer residence near a hippodrome, has found the press from copper. On a bagatelle it came from a century before last words are cut out: a grant Society to poor Jews of Orenburg . The press was from copper, in a remarkable status. Long time the son did not know that it herself represents.

Having converted behind the help to the professor of medical academy Ilya Kaganu, fond study of local lore owners of a find have found out that this society in 1909 was based by a merchant of A. O.Lesk known in a city, great-grandfather Morisa Drjuona!

As Portnov, several months ago his mother has told to us has passed a relic to storage to the director of sanatorium the Builder To Vitaly Lejdermanu whom also, as well as Lesk, helps Jews.
has informed on it to the director of a film to Elena Fetisovoj. Film-making the group was very grateful to us. Last day in Orenburg Ukrainians had time to remove works and the press. A leah

Will give the press to the Frenchman?
We have taken an interest that employees of fund " are going to do with a find; Eurasia (they have found roots of Morisa Drjuona in our city and helped Ukrainians with film shootings). The chairman of board of trustees of fund Gennady DONKOVTSEV has told :
- I talked about it to Vitaly Lejdermanom. He has told that is going to create own museum of a society of the help to Jews and yet does not plan to pass the press in museum of local lore. But, probably, we will manage to agree.