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The retired militiaman was hung up in the chamber on bandage

For 12 hours before sorochinets Alexander Fedotov has told to the wife: Natasha, me have substituted!

At three o`clock in the morning on June, 17th Alexander Fedotova took on suspicion in extortion. Detention passed loudly, with shooting and power capture. In 8. 45 arrested persons have brought it in sorochinskuju a medical medical unit. Fedotovu have sewn up a head in three places and have put in traumatology. The same day in 24. 00 patients with the redressed head have taken away in regional department and have placed in a temporary detention facility (IVS). And in 8. On June, 20 18th at morning detour militiamen have found Fedotova hanging on bandage. On a wall of the chamber by blood it has been written: Me has killed UBOP .

before Fedotov the deputy chief of criminal investigation department Totsky ROVD, to persons on duty ministered in militia to divisionals. On pension, was engaged in business: has opened a little shop, has then sold it and has bought the bus for private carrying. Under one version, it has run into debt someone the round sum, on another - owed to it. Probably, this debt also has served as the detention reason.

the Wife of the victim Natalia has told:
- in the Evening on June, 17th I managed to break to the Sachet in hospital. The kind at it was terrible: the head in blood-stained bandage, the right half of the face is broken, both hands are chained in handcuffs. He could tell to me only: Natasha, me have substituted!

One of last photos 50 - summer Alexander Fedotova.

Alexander Ljubov Nikolaevna who has come to hospital on morning 18 Mother - go, was in shock when nurses have told to it that the son have taken away in IVS at night. The woman has come to regional department and has heard terrible news. Later in a mortuary both women have paid attention to the right hand of Alexander beaten out from a joint and bruises and grazes which the day before in hospital the wife did not see. a lace from trousers under the official version, become by the suicide tool, the wife has not learnt.

the Public prosecutor of Sorochinsky interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor Victor REBROV:
- citizen George Burushin was converted Into militia with the statement for extortion at it 50 thousand roubles. The extortioner to prove gravity of the intentions, shot from a gun at walls of its house and a collar. There was heatedly a criminal case.

on June, 17th behind money which were put by employees UBOP, citizen Fedotov has come. To stop the criminal, militiamen had to open fire on car wheels. The same day the arrested person has been hospitalised with the head injuries received during detention - whether about the car or still as - nibud. But in 24. 00 it have again placed in a temporary detention facility. Next day it have found out the dead. It was strangled by a long lace from boots. Bandage nearby rolled. On a wall there was an inscription made blood: Me have killed UBOP . Criminal case did not begin to raise - it is available all signs of suicide, it was in the chamber one. Besides all knew about its financial difficulties. During a search in apartment Fedotova the sawn-off shotgun from which shots on the house of Burushina have been made has been found out.